Radikal Technologies releases radical Eurorack-compatible oscillator module with a DSP-driven difference

MÜNCHEN, GERMANY: having turned heads, opened ears, and blown musical minds with a successful showcase at The 2017 NAMM Show, January 19-22 in Anaheim, California, high-quality synthesizer developer Radikal Technologies is proud to announce availability of its RT-311 SWARM OSCILLATOR — an advanced DSP-driven Eurorack-compatible oscillator module that, as implied by name, goes far beyond the realms of standard oscillator fare, firstly thanks to two oscillators that can both build swarms of (up to eight) oscillator ‘clones’ capable of being pitched in musical intervals, chords, clusters, or fat detunes, dutifully backed by having all parameter settings saveable as interpolatable snapshots, enabling even more radical results — as of March 28…

A dictionary definition of swarm typically reads: a large number of things… or oscillators, in the case of Radikal Technologies’ radical RT-311 SWARM OSCILLATOR, which, when switched to its highest SWARM setting, sees a maximum of 16 oscillator ‘clones’ running simultaneously. Something that stands out from the sound of the (ever-expanding Eurorack modular) crowd — to (partially) paraphrase the early-Eighties British breakthrough hit from synth-pop pioneers The Human League (themselves no strangers to the small-format modular system popularised by fellow German developers Doepfer Musikelektronik) — and surely something to behold? But building swarms of oscillator clones using both (OSCILLATOR 1 and OSCILLATOR 2) banks’ specialised set of TUNE, OCTAVES,DENSITY, SPREAD, and DETUNE controls to create pitched musical intervals, chords, clusters, or fat detunes does not necessarily mean that all 16 of those clones have to sound simultaneously.

Switched into (its default startup) Manual-Mode of operation, the RT-311 SWARM OSCILLATOR can function much like any other Eurorack-compatible all-analogue oscillator out there with OSCILLATOR 1 and OSCILLATOR 2 respectively appearing at the two (OUT 1 and OUT 2) outputs as sound sources for further manipulation elsewhere — using Radikal Technologies’ own RT-451 DUAL MULTIMODE FILTER module, for instance. In this scenario, the sound of the RT-311 SWARM OSCILLATOR module matches exactly what would be expected from the potentiometer-controlled parameter positions on its 32 HP (Horizontal Pitch) sized front panel; putting yet more controls at adventurous users’ fingertips, both banks of oscillators feature WAVE controls for smooth transitions between waveforms and TLM (Timelinearity Modulation), a variation of pulse-width modulation — known from Radikal Technologies’ SPECTRALIS 2 ANALOG SYNTHESIZER/ BEATMATRIX/FILTERBANK desktop hybrid — that can be applied to all waveforms, while exponential FM (Frequency Modulation) and linear FM modulation or PM (Phase Modulation) are also available alongside oscillator synchronisation. Pitch is, of course, controlled by the (calibrated) 1V/OCT input (which can be quantised so that only pitches of a certain tone sequence or scale are output).

Other operational modes make more radical results really shine through, though. Switching Snapshot-Mode into play permits the RT-311 SWARM OSCILLATOR to store up to eight memory setups, each with eight snapshots, saving all oscillator settings and memorising them even after whatever Eurorack small-format modular synth system is playing host to the module has been powered down! Such snapshots are assigned to one of eight positions accessible via the ‘big knob’ dominating the RT-311 SWARM OSCILLATOR’s front panel. Put it into Interpolator-Mode and everything (literally) revolves around the cyclic traversal of those snapshots, smoothly crossfading from one to the next with transitions taken care of via voltage control, an internal LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator), or the big knob itself — either way, the surrounding eight LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) illuminate accordingly in user-chosen colours, helpfully highlighting which snapshot is playing at any given time.

To make room for an RT-311 SWARM OSCILLATOR in any Eurorack small-format modular system means making more sound colours available to the sophisticated synthesist… Radikal by name, radical by nature, now a swarm of oscillators need not take up too much valuable rack space, so why not add one (or more) modules to your setup today to start putting Radikal Technologies’ latest DSP-driven design through its unique-sounding paces?

Now shipping, the RT-311 SWARM OSCILLATOR is available for purchase from Radikal Technologies stockists at an MSRP of €598.00 EUR (in Europe) and $659.00 USD (in the US).

For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated RT-311 SWARM OSCILLATOR webpage here: http://www.radikaltechnologies.com/index.php/rt-311-swarm-oscillator/

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Diginoiz releases ‘Magic Pop Drums’

Ladies and gentleman, Diginoiz is proud to present their new product containing live pop drum loops. Played by a professional drum player on different types of drums with attention to details, nice groove and sound! You will find here 77 live drum loops. Played using several different drum sets. Every drum set has several different variation of loops (from 2 to 7) so you will be able to build whole tracks thanks to our product. You will find chorus parts, verse parts and fills. Everything that you need!



‘Magic Pop Drums’ contains 77 loops, 193 Mb material (24-bit WAV) ready to use in your favorite sampler or sequencer, both hardware and software, including: Logic, GarageBand, Soundtrack, Digital Performer, Sony Acid, Ableton Live, Adobe Audition, Cakewalk Sonar, Pro Tools, Emagic EXS24 and many more.


Every purchase you make is contains 1 Zip (171 Mb after zip compression),

Wav 24-bit

  • 77 loops (24-bit WAV)


More information, free audio demo & demo pack visit:


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iZotope RX Plugin-Pack

iZotope RX Plug-in Pack – save over 60% for a very limited time

Don’t settle for second-rate audio…

Recording your music or vocals in the spare room? Using your phone to capture interviews for your next podcast? iZotope´s RX Plug-in Pack is an essential collection of plug-ins designed to treat the most common audio issues for those working in less than ideal recording scenarios. Right now it’s extremely affordable with over 60% for one week only!

Taken directly from the company’s award winning RX 5 software, the RX Plug-in Pack consists of De-click, De-hum, De-clip, and Dialogue De-noise plug-ins – the essential tools for cleaning up audio and avoiding the need to re-record.

  • Reduce background noise, amp hum, clicks, and other sudden sounds captured when recording voice or instruments.
  • Don’t lose the flow of an inspired performance: remove clipping from a vocal recording that got hotter than expected.
  • Salvage noisy tracks that were headed for the trash: filter out line hum, buzzes, ground loops, or other unwanted sounds when it’s too late to re-track.

An ideal entry point into the world of RX, RX Plug-in Pack is available to download now for just £38.95 until 28th March (normally £99.95).

For more information visit: http://www.timespace.com/product/RXPIP-120/1/new/izotope_rx_plugin_pack_%28download%29.html

Get even more value for your money!

Buy the RX Plugin Pack for just £38.95 and you´ll be eligible to buy iZotope´s award winning Neutron mixing console with free Groove 3 tutorial for just £77.95! Details at:http://www.timespace.com/product/NEUTRONX-120/3/10000146/izotope_neutron_mixing_console_xgrade_%28download%29.html

Alternatively, you´ll also be eligible to crossgrade to the iZotope Music Production Bundle – 7 award winning mixing, mastering and vocal production plug-ins with free Groove 3 tutorials for just £235! Details at: http://www.timespace.com/product/MPB2XS-120/3/10000041/izotope_music_production_bundle_2_xgrade_from_std_%28download%29.html


Both of these crossgrade options are only available until 31st March 2017.

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Positive Grid Announces BIAS Delay Pedal – The World’s First Cross-Platform Hardware Delay Pedal

San Diego, Calif. – March 16th 2017 Positive Grid (www.positivegrid.com), creator of the best-selling BIAS Amp and BIAS FX guitar amp processors, today announced the ground-breaking BIAS Delay hardware pedal. A first of its kind, the BIAS Delay pedal works both as a standalone pedal and as part of an integrated desktop and mobile system, connecting to computers via its Micro USB port and to iPad via built-in Bluetooth. Using BIAS Delay pedal with the optional BIAS Pedal desktop (Mac/Win) software and iPad app, guitarists can deeply customize and remotely control the hardware’s effects parameters and share and download thousands of custom presets on Positive Grid’s acclaimed ToneCloud social network.

Infinite pedal design possibilities

BIAS Delay pedal’s wide variety of vintage and contemporary time-based effects—including Digital, Analog, Tape, Space, Reverse, Ping Pong, Swell and Tremolo delays and reverb—provide the nuts and bolts for further, deep tweaking of parameters in Positive Grid’s BIAS Pedal or BIAS FX software. After creating an arsenal of custom delay pedals in the supporting software, musicians can transfer them back into the hardware pedal’s two banks of ten presets each. Guitarists can also assign three favorite presets to the pedal’s built-in footswitches for instant recall.

Guitarists can conveniently enter bpm delay times using Tap Tempo and set a three-way switch to any of the three most popular note values: quarter note, dotted-eighth note and eighth-note triplet. Separate knobs adjust feedback amount, delay time (up to 3000 ms), wet/dry mix, reverb level and key LFO parameters. An Expression Pedal input allows real-time control of any parameter. BIAS Delay can also use MIDI Clock to sync with other BIAS pedals, locking the tempo of all time-based effects across Positive Grid’s integrated pedalboard ecosystem.

Share and download delay pedals

With the BIAS Delay hardware pedal, musicians aren’t limited to designing their own custom pedals. Using BIAS Pedal desktop software or app, players can access Positive Grid’s popular ToneCloud network, where they can share and download thousands of delay pedals created by fellow musicians—including signature recording artists—from around the world. After downloading presets from ToneCloud, it’s a simple matter to import them into the BIAS Delay pedal.

Uncompromising build quality

Road-tough and studio-ready, the BIAS Delay pedal features a rugged, all-metal chassis and bombproof knobs and switches. With separate, sturdy I/O jacks for left and right channels provided, BIAS Delay can output focused mono and wide stereo effects alike. Built like a tank, deeply integrated with powerful pedal-design software, and armed with wired and wireless connections to DAW, iPad and ToneCloud, BIAS Delay is the perfect delay pedal for today’s performing and recording guitarist.

BIAS Delay Pedal will be available in stores worldwide in Spring for $349


Key Features:

·       Strongest build quality, with rugged, all-metal chassis and bombproof knobs, switches and jacks

·       Built-in effects—Digital, Analog, Tape, Space, Ping Pong, Reverse, Swell and Tremolo delays and reverb—form the basis for further design in BIAS Pedal software and app

·       Parameter knobs control Mix, Feedback, Delay Time (up to 3,000 ms), Reverb level and LFO Mix, Depth and Rate

·       Sturdy switches control Tap Tempo and Note Value (quarter note, dotted-eighth note and eighth-note triplet), with more note values available using the BIAS Pedal app

·       Stores two banks of presets, each containing ten slots for storage of factory and custom presets

·       Three presets can each be assigned to one of three switches for instant recall

·       Built-in Bluetooth connectivity wirelessly interfaces pedal with BIAS Pedal iOS app to access advanced pedal customization options and share and download presets via ToneCloud

·       Micro USB port can power pedal and interfaces with BIAS Pedal  and BIAS FX desktop software (PC and Mac) for deep pedal customization, preset management, ToneCloud access and remote control

·       Separate ¼” unbalanced (tip-sleeve) instrument input and line output jacks for left and right channels provide tight mono or wide stereo sound

·       Expression Pedal input provided on ¼” TRS jack provides real-time control of any parameter

·       Separate MIDI In and Thru connectors

·       Comprehensive MIDI Mapping: MIDI Program Change switches presets, and MIDI CCs (continuous controller messages) adjust key parameter values

·       Syncs with other BIAS pedals using MIDI Clock, locking the tempo of all time-based effects across Positive Grid’s integrated pedalboard ecosystem

·       9VDC power-input jack

Further Information: www.positivegrid.com

Twitter: @PositiveGrid


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Master The Mix this March with iZotope

iZotope has announced March as ‘Master the Mix’ month with a plethora of discounts across their most popular music production tools plus free Groove 3 tutorial videos.

Until 30th March, iZotope’s flagship mastering suite Ozone 7, the multi-award winning Neutron mixing console and the Music Production Bundle 2 (featuring 7 mixing, mastering and vocal software tools) have savings of up to 30%.

PLUS existing iZotope product users could save as much as 60% with extra special crossgrades that are only available this month.

The offers are all sweetened with FREE Groove3 video tutorials:

  • Buy Ozone 7 Standard or Advanced and get Groove3’s “Ozone 7 Explained”
  • Buy Neutron Standard or Advanced and get Groove3’s “Neutron Explained”
  • Buy Music Production Bundle 2 and get BOTH Groove3’s, “Ozone 7 Explained” & “Neutron Explained”

View all Master The Mix offers now at:


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REINVENTING THE WORLD OF RHYTHM! RHYTHMOLOGY is a game-changing, dynamic rhythmic sequencing and effects engine accompanied by a world-class loop library — perfect for all styles of music production. Powered by Native Instruments’ industry-standard KONAKT PLAYER platform, RHYTHMOLOGY generates grooves, unleashing beats that define the future of rhythm and redefine how rhythmic and melodic loops are made. Musically loaded with all things cinematic, electronic, industrial, hip hop, house, Latin, rock, organic, urban, world, and much more besides — above and beyond any generic genre definitions, limitless creativity abounds. As such, each loop has been hand crafted from only the finest samples, drum kits, synths, and raw materials, much of which comes courtesy of hours of sample sessions by the single-minded Sample Logic team, as well as from professional producers at Sample Magic and Soundtrack Loops. Literally thousands of loops and presets are paired up with an audio engine that defies definition, making RHYTHMOLOGY the last loop player and groove engine anyone will ever need.

THE MOST FLEXIBLE RHYTHM ENGINE Built on Sample Logic’s dynamic MULTI CORE sample engine, RHYTHMOLOGY makes creativity simple. Effortlessly design infinite rhythmic sequences and loops by stacking and shaping up to four loop sources simultaneously inside four loop cores while going crazy with dozens of available dynamic audio effects. Start from the simplest fundamental beat and work outward with RHYTHMOLOGY’S intuitive interface to create elaborate, massive-sounding looping rhythmic and melodic productions. All loop sources are loaded into a loop cores packed with powerful effects, including reverb, delay, filters, distortion, and much more. Take it to the bridge

and beyond by using up to four loop cores simultaneously, generating grooves like no other. Moreover, mastering effects can be applied to all loop cores, creating truly impressive results — a MULTI CORE masterpiece.

SEQUENCE, RE-ORDER, AND FUSE LOOPS IN CREATIVE WAYS Not only is it packed to the rhythmic gills with intuitive sound-shaping controls, the RHYTHMOLOGY engine and interface provide a platform for limitless customization. Each loop is divided into rhythmic segments, each of which can be ordered and re-ordered into any playback order, sequence, and combination. Creating custom sequences barely scratches the surface since each segment can also be effected independently using built-in static effects, such as stutter, transpose, reverse, volume and pan automation, etc. Each segment can also be affected using hot-swappable dynamic effects animation, all of which form part of loop sequences. Sample Logic likes to take things to the limit, of course, and RHYTHMOLOGY does not disappoint! Each effects module is sequenced on a per step/segment basis or set to user-defined tempo resolutions. Bring all of this technology together by fusing up to four loops together by activating and deactivating segments across all four loops cores as Multi Cores. Creative power doesn’t stop there, however, as RHYTHMOLOGY is also fully compatible with Native Instruments’ NKS® (NATIVE KONTROL STANDARD), an extended plug-in format allowing advanced integration with the company’s cutting-edge KONTROL keyboard controllers, and MASCHINE-ready to boot!

DYNAMIC PRESET BROWSING Locate the loops in an instant using the dynamic real-time browsing system integrated into the RHYTHMOLOGY interface. Sort and filter loop sources, loop core presets, and MULTI CORE presets by emotion, genre, instrument type, and style tags. Users can even mark favorites right inside the browser for expedited loading.

EFFORTLESSLY CREATE WITH INTUITIVE RANDOMIZATION ENGINE Feeling the need for speed? Sample Logic has equipped over a dozen parameters within the RHYTHMOLOGY interface for randomization, allowing users to rapidly tap into over a trillion starting point combinations with creative effects. Simply arm the randomization feature, and prepare to fire! The interface’s intelligent randomization technology will generate inspiring results, on the spot, every time! So, why wait? Get into the groove and unleash your inner beats… because the future of rhythm is right here, right now!


  • Over 1,800 sound presets, with a limitless number of sonic combinations
  • Four loop core engine
  • Hot-swappable effects chain technology
  • Fully “randomizable” interface for instant inspiration
  • Dozens of customizable effects presets
  • Native Instruments’ NKS® and MASCHINE ready


RHYTHMOLOGY includes over 1000 loop sources, 490 loop cores, 337 multi core instruments, and a 5.2 GB compressed sample library using Kontakt’s lossless sample storage compression. All samples are delivered at 44.1kHz/24-bit.

System Requirements

  • Requires Kontakt 5 Player (free) or Kontakt 5 (sold separately) Version 5.6.5 or higher
  • Mac OS X 10.9, 10.10 or 10.11.1 (latest update, 64-bit only), Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM (6GB recommended)
  • Windows 7, 8, or 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD AthlonTM 64 X2, 4 GB RAM (6GB recommended)
  • 5.2 GB free disk space for RHYTHMOLOGY sample content
  • 1 GB free disk space for Kontakt 5 Player


  • Stand-alone
  • VST
  • Audio Units
  • AAX Native (Windows: Pro Tools 10 or higher Mac: Pro Tools 11 or higher)
  • Core Audio
  • ASIO
  • Maschine
  • Komplete Kontrol


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Spectrasonics Releases New “Keyscape Creative” Library

Anaheim, CA – NAMM – January 19, 2017 – Spectrasonics has released the new “Keyscape Creative” library, a cutting-edge collection of over 1200 Omnisphere 2 patches specially designed for users who also have Keyscape. The vast new library was produced by Spectrasonics’ Founder, Eric Persing, and features a tremendous variety of patches created by the company’s renowned Sound Development team, to showcase the power of combining Keyscape and Omnisphere 2. Keyscape’s richly detailed keyboard sounds can be dramatically transformed using Omnisphere 2’s deep synthesis capabilities. The recently expanded team spent over a year to develop these unique sounds. The new patches offer an extremely wide variety of incredible sounds for modern music producers and are available now as a free update.

Spectrasonics spent over ten years creating the award-winning Keyscape virtual instrument, which contains the largest selection of collector keyboards in the world. Keyscape was recently released by the company to wide acclaim. Omnisphere 2 is the flagship software synthesizer of Spectrasonics, which brings together many types of synthesis technologies. The “Keyscape Creative” library is available now for current users of both Omnisphere 2 and Keyscape – users can simply update both products to get the new patches, which then appear in Omnisphere 2’s Patch Browser as a new Directory.

“In the process of creating these patches, we really had a blast being surprised by each other’s work,” said producer Eric Persing. “In fact, it was almost impossible to tell which of Keyscape’s keyboards had been used! After we finished, the huge amount of sounds in the new library is almost like a completely new instrument in itself. We are thrilled to provide a new palette of colors to our users and can’t wait to hear what they do with it!”

Keyscape Patch Library v1.1d Update:
• NEW “Keyscape Creative” library with over 1,200 Omnisphere Patches
• Thinning optimization dramatically improves performance on LA Custom C7 Piano patches
• Adds “TWEAK” page to LA Custom C7 Piano Patches for more detailed control
• Adds 15 Velocity Curves for popular keyboards

Various fixes and enhancements have also been made in the Keyscape v1.0.2c and Omnisphere v2.3.2f software updates, which were also released today to ensure full compatibility with the new Keyscape Creative Library. For more information on the “Keyscape Creative” library visit: https://www.spectrasonics.net/products/keyscape/keyscape-creative.php – creative

Keyscape and Omnisphere 2 are both available in either Boxed or Download Editions and new purchases of Keyscape now include the new ‘Keyscape Creative’ library. The boxed editions of Keyscape and Omnisphere 2 feature USB installation drives, and are sold exclusively through Spectrasonics’ worldwide authorized dealer network. The Download editions are available exclusively from the Spectrasonics Webstore. Keyscape has a suggested retail price of $399US and 349€ Euros, while Omnisphere 2 has a suggested retail price of 499US and 399€ Euros. Visit https://www.spectrasonics.net/products/ for more information.

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