Positive Grid Introduces New JamUp Bundle Packs

positivegridSan Diego, CA (Oct 16, 2014) — Positive Grid (www.positivegrid.com) introduces three new bundle packs for the popular JamUp guitar multi-effects app: All Access, All Amps, and All Effects. Now iOS guitarists and bass players can get the most out of the powerful mobile multi-effects processor at a greatly reduced price. The All Access pack offers the opportunity to own everything inside JamUp, including 40 amps and 50 studio quality effects; All Amps and All Affects packs can also be purchased separately to add more gear to the arsenal.
All Access Pack – $49.99
A vast range of amp and effect models, you can access to everything in JamUp, including 40 amps from acoustic simulation, clean, blues, crunch, boutique to metal, and 50 studio quality effects, plus the full 8-track recorder. Get the most out of the #1 guitar amp-and-effect app!
All Amps Pack – $29.99
Access to all authentic amp models in JamUp. It’s packed with a world-class collection of guitar amps to inspire your playing. From vintage classics to modern powerhouses, each amp delivers incredible sonic depth, character and touch nuance.
All Effects Pack – $29.99
Access to all effect models in JamUp. It features classic stompboxes, Positive Grid’s awesome modeling, and rare and eclectic studio effects, more effects will inspire your playing in endless new ways. Explore new song ideas and riffs using a broad collection of distortions, delays, mods, filters, reverbs and more.
All JamUp Bundle Packs are immediately available as in-app purchase on the JamUp Store.
For more details, visit www.positivegrid.com or follow the company via Twitter (@PositiveGrid) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/positivegrid).
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Sample Logic 40% off Storewide Fall Sale!

slsaleSale Date: October 16th-19th, 2014


Fall is here… Join the party and receive an INSANE 40% off storewide discount. Use the coupon code “FALL40″ at checkout to receive your discount on all of our products. This sort of promotion does not come around often and will expire soon, so don’t be late!


For more info visit:




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Arturia makes colourful analogue waves with massive-sounding SE edition of miniature MicroBrute

MicrobruteSE_Persp-White copyGRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software and hardware company Arturia is proud to announce availability of MicroBrute SE — a ‘special edition’ of its widely-acclaimed MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer, available in a choice of three tempting colours to suit whatever playful mood might make anyone’s musical day, be it Christmas or otherwise — as of October 15…

Arturia’s award-winning MiniBrute Analog Synthesizer rapidly reset the price/performance ratio benchmark when soaring through the subtractive synthesis sound barrier upon being launched in 2012 to much critical acclaim and subsequent success. Afterwards, Arturia built upon that success last year when introducing a ‘special edition’ of its namesake sibling, the MiniBrute SE, sharing the same physical footprint, but building upon this amazingly compact and bijou analogue monosynth in both looks and features. That same year, Arturia adventurously took the ‘shrinking synth’ concept one step further with its equally big-sounding little-brother, the MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer, an even smaller semi-modular monosynth with inbuilt step sequencer, boasting MIDI, USB, and CV connectivity with a whole host of unique features — guaranteed to bring big smiles to go with those massive sounds! Similarly, today the MicroBrute has been given the ‘special edition’ treatment to become the MicroBrute SE — same physical footprint and full feature set! So what’s with those colours? Blue, orange, or white, they all sound the same… that is to say, sounds massive. But who’s to say you can’t make a bold style statement with a massive-sounding synthesizer, however small it may be? Thanks to the colourful MicroBrute SE, now you can!

But beneath those colourful, compact and bijou bonnets resides a living and breathing, fully-fledged analogue synthesizer that belies its diminutive dimensions and is actually anything but basic. For starters, just like its MiniBrute SE bigger brother, the OSCILLATOR that beats at its musical heart features SAW, TRIANGLE, and SQUARE waveforms that are all mixable to help shape the resulting sound without the limitations imposed by comparable contemporary and vintage synths alike. Additionally, the new Overtone oscillator generates additional harmonic content, ranging from one octave down to a fifth above the base OSCILLATOR pitch, while the Sub > Fifth control can continuously sweep spectrum. Moreover, Metalizer adds complex harmonics to the TRIANGLE waveform for creating harsh, harmonically-rich sounds, while Ultrasaw adds a lively and bright ensemble effect to the SAWTOOTH waveform — perfect for crafting sounds suited to dance anthems. And let’s not forget the all-important Pulse Width control for creating nasal-thin tones or rich square sounds. Simply speaking, never before has such a small, single-oscillator synth sounded so big… or looked so good!

Of course, filtering helps shape any analogue synth’s sound — be it big or small, and here the MicroBrute SE definitely does not disappoint. Indeed, its distinctive-sounding Steiner-Parker FILTER plays a big part in helping give the MicroBrute SE a unique sound — again, just like its big brother. This filter design dates back to the Steiner-Parker Synthacon, an analogue monosynth built by the namesake Salt Lake City-based synth manufacturer between 1975 and 1979. Its HP (high-pass), BP (bandpass), and LP (lowpass) modes make for far more filtering flexibility than that found in synths many times the price! And that’s before factoring Arturia’s acclaimed Brute FactorTM into the musical equation, adding anything from subtle overdrive to full-blown intermodulation havoc — choose your settings, and let the fun begin!

Speaking of having fun, the eight-Pattern step SEQUENCER is an almost endless source of inspiration and rhythmic creativity — step input notes and rests to create storable sequences that can be played back and switched between on the fly at a variable Rate or synchronised to external MIDI clock. Meanwhile, MIDI, USB, and CV GATE connectivity, of course, combine to ensure that the MicroBrute SE is ready and willing to talk to the outside electronic musical instrument world, wherever it may find itself. It’s even blessed with an external audio Input with an adjustable Input Level control, so why not use it to process whatever you feel like sticking into its 1/4-inch socket — within reason, of course!

The front panel-mounted MOD MATRIX moreover allows adventurous users to control many aspects of the MicroBrute SE’s massive-sounding single voice for different internal sources, as well as controlling them via external synths and modules. MicroBrute SE comes complete with two stackable jack cables for that very purpose. Preset sheets also come as standard, so no need to worry about forgetting those adventurous sound settings!

With a space-saving 25-note mini-keyboard and weighing in at only 1.75kg, the MicroBrute SE is as compact as it is colourful, yet positively punches well above its weight with a rip-roaring analogue sound spanning woofer-flapping bass, screaming leads, ear-opening effects, wave-folded growls, punchy drum sounds galore, and much in-between and beyond. Pick one — or even all three — up from an authorised Arturia dealer or retailer today! To make this perfectly portable package even more portable, Arturia has helpfully included a stylish carry bag guaranteed to turn heads wherever the stylish synth goes. Go ahead. Make a bold style statement while making a massive sound!

A ‘limited’ run of 4,000 MicroBrute SE units are available for purchase in a choice of three tempting colours through Arturia’s global network of dealers and retailers for €329.00 EUR/$329.00 USD.

For more detailed information, please visit the MicroBrute SE product webpage here: http://www.arturia.com/products/hardware-synths/microbrute-se

Watch the colourful MicroBrute SE promotional video here: http://youtu.be/BkqHXde2E7s

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AudioSchoolOnline.com Releases Keyboard for Beatmakers

“Keyboard for Beatmakers” is my very real world approach to showing you how to be playing chords and chord progressions in five minutes, while staying in the right musical key. Turn the keyboard into your new musical weapon as I unveil it’s mysteries in a very simple to understand and easy to replicate way. – Ken Lewis

Oct 9, 2014AudioSchoolOnline.com is proud to release “Keyboard for Beatmakers”, a downloadable, “game-changing” video tutorial guide to jumpstart keyboard playing for beat makers of all genres, teaching chords, inversions, bass lines and melodies, and much more, taught by Grammy® nominated mixing engineer, songwriter and producer, Ken Lewis.


In the “Keyboard for Beatmakers” video tutorial, Ken Lewis demystifies a lot of the complex functions and parameters found in soft synths and DAW’s, showing beat makers and aspiring music producers how to incorporate keyboard into beat production. He teaches the basics of how to use the gear, how it works and how to build a musical beat from scratch using the keyboard with any DAW.

Starting with a pre-programmed beat and using the functions found in all DAW’s, Ken crafts basic keyboard chord progressions and shows how to implement them into music by stacking tracks and creating songs. The lesson is designed so that even non-musicians can follow along and build a song as they watch. In minutes, beatmakers will be able to add music to their productions.

Keyboard for Beatmakers covers:

-Playing chords and chord progressions easily

-Finding bass lines

-Learning the key of the song

-Adding melodies and how to find the right notes

-Layering sounds


-Transposing octaves

-Transposing keys

-The difference between mono and stereo synth patches

-Glide time / portamento

-Quantization and more.

Pricing and Availability: Keyboard for Beatmakers is available for $14.99 as a download from AudioSchoolOnline.com

For more information about purchase and download for “Keyboard for Beatmakers” please visit: http://audioschoolonline.com/product/?lesson=378

Running Time: 57 Minutes, Download Size: 1.09 GB. Skill Level: Intern / Freshman, Genre: ALL / Live Instruments, Resolution: HD

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Samplerbanks releases Trip Hop Aroma

sb_trip_hop_aromaTrip Hop Aroma is an experimental jorney into the world of instrumental Trip Hop, Nu Jazz, Breakbeat, Dub, Ambient, Experimental, Electronica and Downtempo.

Trip Hop Aroma (http://www.samplerbanks.com/trip-hop-aroma-downtempo-dub-experimental-nu-jazz-samples-samplerbanks.html) offers you massive beats, cinematic vibes, psychedelic tunes, trippy atmospheres, and a wide range of instruments including loops pluse one-shot samples of piano, rhodes, acoustic guitar, double-bass, cello, violin, trumpet, synthesizers, brass, percussion and scratch.

The idea was to produce a pack of loops and one-shot samples suitable for creating an original fusion of the finest acoustic and electronic sounds, with elements of instrumental Trip Hop, Nu Jazz, Breakbeat, Dub, Ambient, Experimental, Electronica and Downtempo, among others.

The Trip Hop Aroma sample pack was inspired by the most influential representatives of the Bristol trip hop scene like Portishead, Tricky, Massive Attack; the records released by Ninja Tune and Mo’Wax Records; and artists/bands like Dj Shadow, The Herbaliser, Roots Manuva, Dj Krush, Bonobo, Fink, Lamb, Alpha, Murcof, The Cinematic Orchestra, Unkle, Dj Vadim, Nightmares on Wax, Morcheeba, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Dj Premier, Pete Rock, RZA, and the list goes on…

• 740 MB original sounds, 100% royalty-free
• 273 24-bit loops categorized into Bass, Drum, FX, Instrumental, Percussion and Synth Loops
• 219 one-shot samples (Acoutic Guitar Chords, Drums, Kicks, Percussion, Snares)
• 11 Sampler presets in Kontakt, HALion, EXS24, Reason NN-XT, sfz, Live Sampler / Simpler and DrumRack format
• Formats: WAV / REX2 / Apple Loops / Ableton Live Pack / Reason Refill /
• All sounds are 100% royalty-free for your production.

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Buy one get one free on Zero-G this October

zerogbuyonegetonefreeLegendary sample library producers Zero-G have one of the widest ranges of products on the market and we have picked a selection of fantastic titles that span the genres giving you the chance to expand your creativity and create cutting edge music.

Up until 31st October you can pick from a range of Zero-G titles starting at just £20.95 / €15.95 and get another absolutely FREE

For full list of products on offer please see the link below


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Arturia announces creative partnership with Bitwig to provide Producer Pack bundles

pack_KeyLab61GRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software and hardware company Arturia and Berlin-based international software company Bitwig are proud to collectively announce availability of three Producer Pack bundles — integrating an Arturia KeyLab premium hybrid keyboard controller (complete with the former company’s critically-acclaimed Analog Lab sound collection software suite) with the unprecedented workflow of Bitwig Studio, the latter’s namesake, next-generation music creation and performance software solution (for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux), and also throwing Arturia’s amazing-sounding, award-winning Mini V software recreation of the Seventies- vintage classic MinimoogTM synth into the musical mix for good measure — as of October 9…
Three versions of the Producer Pack bundle are now available for purchase, differentiated by the cutting-edge KeyLab keyboard controller included: as implied by name, Producer Pack 25 is based around the KeyLab 25, the smallest such keyboard controller in Arturia’s KeyLab range, featuring 25 keys with velocity sensitivity for performance flexibility, complimented by a feature-packed panel bristling with controls compatible with third-party software and hardware alike; Producer Pack 49 and Producer Pack 61 come complete with the larger KeyLab 49 and KeyLab 61, respectively, maximising performance and expression further still, thanks to their respective 49- and 61-note keyboards boasting both aftertouch and velocity sensitivity. Setting the standard for MIDI control, all are designed to easily integrate into any studio or stage setup.
Speaking of integration, regardless of which Producer Pack is purchased, rest assured that each and every KeyLab keyboard controller concerned here has been mapped to work flawlessly with the full version of the bundled Bitwig Studio software right out of the box so purchasers need not concern themselves with the tedious task of getting things up and running, but rather focus on making music. Moreover, Bitwig Studio has been conceived by its creators to eliminate creative boundaries and bring out the best in musical ideas at every stage of the production with professional time-based and loop-style recording. Arrange, mix, and edit separately or simultaneously with customisable workflows to match any style. Since each and every Producer Pack includes a Bitwig Studio installation DVD and printed manual there’s no need to squint at scrolling screens while getting to grips with igniting creativity.
For his company’s not inconsiderable part in igniting the creative partnership proceedings, Bitwig CEO Placidus Schelbert says, “From the start, Bitwig recognised Arturia as a fantastic company that offers unparalleled quality and attention to detail in everything that they do. Establishing a partnership is a great benefit that combines the outstanding workflow of Bitwig Studio with rich content and hands-on control from Arturia. The Producer Packs reveal the power and flexibility of music making in ways never experienced before.”
Arturia President Frédéric Brun echoes such supportive sentiments, stating, “We are thrilled to be partnering with our friends at Bitwig so we can bring you the Producer Packs. Bitwig Studio is one of the most innovative and smart software solutions that we have seen coming through in recent years. We think musicians will enjoy finding a top-quality controller, a very smart production suite, Analog Lab’s huge collection of sounds, and also Mini V in one package.”
Of course, all Arturia’s KeyLab packages come complete with its attractive Analog Lab software synthesizer solution, boasting a huge library of over 5,000 presets by internationally-renowned sound designers taken from all eight of its award-winning and critically-acclaimed TAE® (True Analog Emulation) synthesis-powered Mini V, Modular V, CS-80V, ARP2600 V, Jupiter-8V, Prophet 5, Prophet VS, and Oberheim SEM V soft synths, as well as VOX Continental-V — bringing back the coveted classic sounds of the Sixties-vintage VOX Continental 300 organ as authentic-sounding software — and the Wurlitzer V software recreation of the classic Wurlitzer 200A electric piano, providing the immediacy of a hardware instrument with the flexibility of a software-based solution. So it should come as little surprise to learn that each and every Producer Pack also comes complete with Analog Lab. What’s more, owners of any of Arturia’s aforementioned Analog Classics can, of course, delve as deep as they like and are free to fully edit sounds without having to leave the user-friendly Analog Lab environment. Just as well, then, that each and every Producer Pack also includes Mini V. Created in partnership with Dr Robert Moog himself back in 2003, this plug-in has become a studio standard, much like the original 1971- vintage MinimoogTM synth that it so successfully recreates the look and feel of with unparalleled sound quality. Again, all Arturia software is already mapped to work with its KeyLab keyboard controllers so users don’t have to do it themselves.
With the timely introduction of the three Producer Pack bundles, two top-tier music technology brands have clearly combined their strengths to develop a complete production package that raises the bar in design quality with deep integration of hands-on control, rich virtual content, and next-generation workflow with Bitwig Studio. So what’s not to like here? Anyone looking to pair up a cutting-edge keyboard controller with creative workflow-enhancing software solutions should seriously consider adding a Producer Pack bundle to their studio or stage setup.
Producer Pack bundles are available now in limited quantities through Arturia’s network of dealers and retailers, priced as follows: Producer Pack 25 (€349 EUR/$349 USD), Producer Pack 49 (€399 EUR/$399 USD), and Producer Pack 61 (€499 EUR/$499 USD)

For more detailed info, please visit the Producer Pack product webpage here: http://www.arturia.com/products/producerpack

Watch the Producer Pack promotional video here: http://youtu.be/dkU6BLRjhRw
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