Diginoiz releases ‘Crazy Arps 2’

Diginoiz_-_Crazy_Arps_2_CdDiginoiz is proud to present the second part of the probably best arpegiator pack ever! Crazy Arps 2! Great vibe, incredible hardware sound, extremely melodic, prepared with attention to details! You will find there 52 synthesizer arp sounds in Trap / South style ready to be an inspiration for Your music! Over 300 Mb multiformat material, definitely a must have in music production!

‘Crazy Arps 2’ contains 52 arpegiator loops, 303 Mb, multi-format material (24-bit WAV, 24-bit AIFF and 16-bit WAV) ready to use in your favorite sampler or sequencer, both hardware and software, including: Logic, GarageBand, Soundtrack, Digital Performer, Sony Acid, Ableton Live, Adobe Audition, Cakewalk Sonar, Pro Tools, Emagic EXS24 and many more.


All loops & samples in this library are licensed to you ‘Royalty-Free’ so you can use them in your commercial compositions with no extra costs. For more details see the license agreement.


Every purchase you make is contains 1 Zip (275 Mb after zip compression),

• 52 loops (24-bit WAV)
• 52 loops (16-bit WAV duplicate)

• 52 loops (24-bit AIFF)


More information, free audio demo & demo pack visit:

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Zenhiser presents Sci Fi FX

Sci-Fi-FXWelcome to Zenhiser’s “Sci Fi FX” sound library, one of the most in depth sound effects library we have created which fits perfectly along side our Transformer FX, Movie Impacts & Movie Stabs sound packs. Inspired by some of Hollywood’s biggest Sci Fi blockbusters, Sci Fi FX sound effects takes audio drive and sound manipulation to a whole new level. We covered the main elements for both Music Producers and Movie / Game creators which means “Sci Fi FX” sounds contain 96 khz wav clarity for optimum performance and unrivalled original sounds for aural gratification. Crafted entirely from scratch these Sci Fi SFX sounds will absolutely blow you away, dark, mysterious, futuristic and downright incredible. Trust us when we say this is the SFX pack everyone needs. 

“Sci Fi FX” sound effects pack consists of over 600 SFX sounds and zip’s in at just over 2.6GB, that’s a huge chunk of Sci Fi SFX awesomeness, all ready to use straight out the virtual box. We’ve included Atmosphere’s, Booms, Dark FX, Engine SFX, Glitches, Explosions, Impacts, Metal FX, Risers, Stinger FX, Swooshes, Whooshes and even some Wobble FX! As you can see Sci Fi FX sounds is one serious tool and a very complex SFX pack.

“Sci Fi FX” includes:

Atmospheres – 15
Boom FX – 40
Dark FX – 14
Engine FX – 11
Glitch FX – 13
Explosion FX – 20
Impact FX – 125
Metal FX – 59
Rise FX  – 26
Servos Stutter FX – 34
Stinger FX – 74
Swoosh & Scrape FX – 40
Whoosh FX – 94
Wobble FX – 42

So whether you’re adding Sci Fi Sound FX to latest movie, designing a futuristic Game or looking at taking your next Track to a new level, Sci Fi FX sounds from Zenhiser is the first place you must look.

Please note: The preview contains only sounds and loops from Sci Fi FX

All audio files within this Zenhiser pack are 24bit 96khz wav & display bpm information (where applicable)

No samples are ever duplicated so every sfx pack you purchase is fresh and new

All samples and loops in this Zenhiser pack are 100% Royalty Free. You can download & use these sounds in your movies, games, tv & tracks immediately

Price: $75.00 AUD

Direct Link: http://www.zenhiser.com/sci-fi-fx-sound-effects-library.html


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Native Instruments launches TWICE AS NICE MASCHINE Expansion sales special

NI_Twice_As_Nice_Sales_SpecialBerlin, July 21, 2014. Native Instruments today launched the TWICE AS NICE time-limited sales special, offering beat makers a free MASCHINE Expansion of their choice for every Expansion purchased at the NI Online Shop. The special offer runs for one week only, finishing on July 28, 2014. All MASCHINE Expansions in the series except the recently released ARCANE ATTIC and CIRCUIT HALO are included in the offer.

MASCHINE Expansions each contain a stylized range of expertly designed kits, instruments, sounds, and patterns for use with the entire range of MASCHINE hardware – often with exclusive presets for MASSIVE, REAKTOR PRISM, and MASCHINE 2 software’s Drum Synths. Many MASCHINE Expansions were created in close partnership with high-profile sound designers or renowned artists such as Steve Lawler, Amp Fiddler, and Dae One.

Designed for a wide range of contemporary production styles, MASCHINE Expansions allow beat makers to explore, mix, and tweak new sounds to fit their own style. Each MASCHINE Expansion focuses on a particular genre or concept. Expansions such as LAZER DICE and LUCID MISSION dive deep into the new sounds of future bass and EDM, while GREY FORGE, STATIC FRICTION, and RAW VOLTAGE each offer distinct flavors of techno and electronica. MARBLE RIMS, CONANT GARDENS, VINTAGE HEAT, and TRUE SCHOOL all offer sounds for creating stylized hip hop and urban rhythms. These and many more illustrate the diversity of the ever-expanding series of MASCHINE Expansions.

MASCHINE Expansions are priced at $ 49 / 49 € / ¥ 4,800 / £ 44 / AU$ 79 and available at the NI Online Shop. Until July 28, 2014, purchase of one MASCHINE Expansion grants a second Expansion free.

More on the time-limited TWICE AS NICE special is available at:

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ZAOR’s MAREA media workstation provides perfect home for new-gen mixing consoles

DSC_0053 copyZAOR’s MAREA media workstation provides perfect home for new-gen mixing consoles

ORADEA, ROMANIA: studio furniture designer and manufacturer ZAOR is proud to introduce the MAREA media workstation — another addition to its flourishing family of CLASSIC Series media workstations, this time tailored to stylishly and comfortably accommodate a new generation of compact mixing consoles and associated accessories — as of July 21…

Once upon a time in the not too distant past, expansive and expensive large-format mixing consoles in equally expansive and expensive professional recording studios were the only way to go for those pursuing professional-sounding recordings. These gradually gave way to more compact consoles in more compact studios as audio professionals sought to take control of their more cost-conscious destiny driven by a democratising recording revolution resulting in cost- and space- saving mixing consoles all but disappearing with the advent of DAW-based workflow when mixing in the box became standard practice for home-based project studios (and beyond). But more recently smaller mixing consoles have been making a serious comeback in digital form from the likes of Behringer and PreSonus, for example, as evidenced by the runaway success of their respective X32 and StudioLiveTM series. Such new-generation digital designs often feature AD/DA conversion for high track counts, high-quality inbuilt effects, flexible routing, and much more besides, including, of course, total recall of all settings — and all for a price unimaginable in that not too distant past. Perfect timing, then, for ZAOR Studio Furniture’s timely introduction of the MAREA media workstation, perfectly positioned to provide a suitable home for the likes of the X32 and StudioLiveTM series — and much more besides.

As the latest addition to the flourishing family of CLASSIC Series media workstations, MAREA is both generously and perfectly proportioned to comfortably cater for the many differently shaped and angled digital mixers or DAW controllers — such as Solid State Logic’s popular Nucleus, for instance — in a dedicated mixer tray section purposefully planned to save studio real estate while maintaining modern-day production workflow. A laptop or other equally effective accessory can be sat in the flat surface to its left or right while a bridge section above handily holds up to 6U of rack-mountable outboard. As a nice finishing touch, two large computer monitors can comfortably stand side by side atop a flat surface behind — all this in a compact and bijou workspace with a 158cm by 110cm footprint is no small achievement! As always, the ZAOR Studio Furniture design team has paid particular attention to cable management, making ample room for whatever’s needed to connect everything together while keeping things neat, tidy, and professional with access passageways in all the right places.

The MAREA media workstation itself is supported by two sleek, stylish, and sturdy legs featuring solid wood to avoid boxy, resonant design flaws that often hampered the smaller-scale audio professional in the past. Placing relevant controls within direct reach of any user sitting in the so-called sweet spot with any rack-mounted gear slightly set back at arm’s length means that MAREA makes the most of the primary ergonomic space available and users can comfortably get on with doing what they do best — making the most of their audio production, whatever that may be.

MAREA’s neutral black-coloured body blends effortlessly in with any studio surroundings while its side panels, legs, and armrest are all attractively fashioned from locally-sourced oak — which can be left in its natural blond-coloured state or stained to Cherry, Walnut, Mahogony, or Black (as per the purchaser’s wishes) — to clearly convey a sense of its inbuilt quality and definite durability. Make no mistake. MAREA is one seriously professional media workstation that will look and play the part in any professional studio setup where space is at a premium. Premium priced it is not, however, weighing in at an equally attractive price point to entice purchasers with the prospect of still being able to fill their boots — and their MAREA — with great gear! Great ergonomics and great sound living in perfect harmony, MAREA makes sound economic sense, that’s for sure. What more could a cost-conscious audio professional need or want?

The MAREA media workstation can be ordered online directly from ZAOR Studio Furniture (http://poe-music.com/products/zaor-studio-furniture/) — starting at an RRP of €1,050.00 EUR (including 15% tax, plus shipping costs) for the basic version — or from any authorised dealer.

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Rattly and Raw Presents – 60s Organs and Oddities

We are very happy to announce a new generation of product from our humble workshops!

The 60s Organs and Oddities Pack is a massively multisampled and looped collection of rare and weird organs for your delight!

You get:

1. 60s Valve Organ – A huge valve monster with two separate keyboard instruments, loads of voices, a cool repeat function, lots of spring verb IRs and more!
2. 60s Wind Powered Organ – A cool little Italian fan powered organ with a separate multiple chord instrument
3. 60s Combo Organ – A classic british organ’s rarer little sibling, bags of character and a cutting tone.
4. A Large manually operated bellows driven harmonium. Lots of extras!
5. Mini-Organ – a tiny but awesome little organ synth, not from the 60s but it’s so cool, we didn’t care….
6. Soprano Melodica – Just about organy enough to include in this pack…so we DID!
7. The Boiler Organ: A bonus organ conceived and constructed in the RAR sound lab from harmonic tones!

ALL FOR a crazy crazy low price of £15 !!!!

These were all sampled with U67s, Royer R122, MD441, or/and new AKG D12VR and run through Neve 33135 or Api preamps. We spent a great deal of time capturing all the voices available on each instrument as awesomely as possible to avoid any post-production. We also retuned any that were waaaay out (and left you the original tuning as an option also!)

There are several custom IRs in most of the instruments, all selectable via a menu. These are fantastic huge vintage springs to tiny vintage springs as well as the (very hard to sample) spring verb from the valve organ itself!

Please visit:


for more info!

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Sample Logic releases RHYTHOMATIX exclusively for Ableton Live!

Complete Live Pack of Hybrid Loops & Kits!
What is Rhythomatix?
RHYTHOMATIX is a massive collection of morphed hybrid tempo-synced audio loops and kits made for electronic, industrial, pop, and cinematic music production. Sample Logic has created a dynamic jaw-dropping set of production-ready loops and kits all derived from real-world acoustic sample material and synthesis. Taking it one step further, RHYTHOMATIX incorporates Live’s powerful instruments and effects all racked up only the way Sample Logic can, truly “blurring the line between music and sound design.” The creative design of RHYTHOMATIX pushes the boundaries of music production by using the intuitive performance controls of Ableton Live.

Instruments & Effects
The clips (audio loops) and drums (kits) are seamlessly integrated into Ableton Live, which makes for a smooth workflow and intuitive user control. Each clip and rack uses Live’s Rack format, with eight Macro Controls meticulously mapped to provide powerful performance options and customization on the fly. This also means that all of the kits and loops are ready to be MIDI-mapped to a control surface or touch screen interface and automated directly in Live.

339 Clips/loops
16 Kits

Beat Gate
Hi-Cut Filter
Filter Resonance
Filter LFO Rate

System Requirements
871 MB Direct Download
Mac/PC Ableton Live Standard or Suite Version 9.0.1 or higher is required
Note: this is not a Knotakt product and requires Ableton Live.

Price: $79.99
Site: www.samplelogic.com/products/rhythomatix

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Impact Soundworks Launches Shreddage 2X Update and Sale

OWINGS MILLS, MD — Impact Soundworks launched today a major free update to Shreddage 2: Absolute Electric Guitar, their flagship virtual instrument for the Native Instruments Kontakt platform. The Shreddage 2X update – free for existing users – is a complete overhaul of the Shreddage 2 engine and user interface, adding new features, recordings, options, and refinements. New customers can purchase the library for the discounted price of $99 through July 28, 2014.

Shreddage 2 is among the most popular products in the Impact Soundworks catalog, providing a highly-realistic, virtual electric guitar well-suited for rock and metal music. Notable library features include drop G tuning, extensive articulations across both powerchords and single notes, four vibrato modes, and user-customizable mapping for all playing techniques. The library includes a free copy of ReValver HPse, a versatile amp plugin by Peavey Electronics.

Impact Soundworks was founded in 2007 by award-winning composers Andrew Aversa and Wilbert Roget, II with the goal of creating innovative, affordable and unique sample libraries designed with composers in mind. Impact Soundworks instruments and libraries can be heard on countless blockbuster film, video game, and television scores.

“This free update is our way of saying ëthank youí to all the composers and producers who have been using Shreddage 2,” said Andrew Aversa, lead designer of the library. “Our goal has always been to provide the most realistic, flexible, and affordable instrument for rock and metal: S2X makes that instrument even better.”

Shreddage 2 is compatible with the free Kontakt 5 Player by Native Instruments, and is available now (with included Shreddage 2X update) at Impact Soundworks for a discounted price of $99 (list price: $139). This deal expires July 28, 2014. For more info, demos, video, and to purchase, please visit:


Existing users of Shreddage 2 can pick up the update for free at the official Impact Soundworks support forum on KVR Audio:


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