Best Service announces 5 new Libraries at NAMM 2015!

At NAMM 2015, Best Service announces 5 new Libraries!

  • Voyager Drums
    Power-Drums by the maker of “Artist-Drums”
    release: Miod of February 2015
    preorder now with preorder discount
  • TITAN 2
    266 Synthesizers in one
    release: end of February 2015
  • Klanghaus 2
    Collection of unique instruments, Grooves and Loops
    release: Mid of February 2015
  • ERA II
    ERA II Huge Set of historical instruments
    release end of March 2015
  • Emotional Cello
    Virtual Cello for classic and cinematic use
    release: Mid of March 2015
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Spectrasonics announce Omnisphere 2.0 at NAMM 2015

OMNI2release_cLA based sound design and software developers Spectrasonics have unveiled the much anticipated follow up to their multi-award winning virtual instrument Omnisphere at the 2015 NAMM show in Anaheim, California.

Due for release on April 30th, Omnisphere 2.0 boasts a truly gargantuan set of new features including audio import, lots of new waveforms, wavetable and granular synthesis, additional sounds and FX and enhanced browsing functionality.

Other stand out features include:

–       Audio Import – Use your own audio file as a soundsource in Omnisphere

–       Over 400 New DSP Waveforms for the Synth Oscillator – an increase of 100X

–       8 New Filter Types – New Power Filters, Vowel, Resonators

–       Now includes over 10,000 sounds

–       More than 3,000 New patches and soundsources from acclaimed Spectrasonics Sound Design Team

–       Redesigned Wider User Interface with many improvements

–       New Mini-Browser available at all times

–       Larger Full Browser Design

–       Sound Match™ feature instantly locates any related sounds in the librarySound Lock™ allows endless useful variations by locking sound aspects while you browse

–       Easy Sound/Project Sharing for collaborators and third party libraries

–       25 New FX Units

–       Flexible New FX Features including 16 FX units per patch

Omnisphere 2.0 GBP pricing is TBC and there will be an upgrade path for existing Omnisphere users.

There will be a free grace period upgrade to Omnisphere 2.0 for any purchases of Omnisphere from October 2014 thru May 2015.

Find out more at:

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IK announces iRig Mic Studio, the ultra-portable large-diaphragm mic for every platform

January 22, 2015 – IK Multimedia, the leader in mobile music creation technology, is pleased to announce iRig® Mic Studio, its ultra-portable large-diaphragm digital condenser microphone for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC and Android. Offering superior sound and an extremely portable size, it packs a 1” diameter condenser capsule into an ultra-compact enclosure that can be used to make professional recordings anywhere. With iRig Mic Studio, musicians, vocalists, home producers, podcasters, broadcasters, voice-over artists and more have a studio-quality large-diaphragm microphone that fits in the palm of their hand.


Superior portable performance
iRig Mic Studio has been designed to provide the best possible recording quality. It features a large 1” diameter back electret condenser capsule, a 24-bit audiophile-grade A/D converter (with 44.1/48 kHz sample rate) and a built-in low-noise high-definition preamp. These, combined with its 133dB SPL rating, allow for optimal audio capture at any sound pressure level — it can capture everything from the subtle and nuanced dynamics of the human voice to the full-on bombast of an amplified electric guitar, and everything in between.

And while these features are excellent on their own, what’s truly remarkable about iRig Mic Studio is that it fits its components into a compact enclosure that’s smaller than an iPhone.

Comprehensive control
To assist its high-end components, iRig Mic Studio also sports a comprehensive set of monitoring and level control features. To ensure the best sound for every situation, it comes with a gain control knob and a multicolor LED level indicator. It also includes a headphone output with its own level control for monitoring directly from iRig Mic Studio itself. And, for better positioning while recording, iRig Mic Studio comes with a sturdy and portable tabletop tripod stand.

It’s all about the connections
iRig Mic Studio is compatible with nearly every popular mobile and desktop platform. It comes with a female micro-USB port and an assortment of cables: Micro-USB to Lightning for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; micro-USB to micro-USB OTG for Android (requires either an Android 5 or Samsung Professional Audio device); and micro-USB to USB for Mac and PC.

Record with the power of apps
For immediate recording, iRig Mic Studio comes equipped with a powerful suite of vocal apps.VocaLive™ is a powerful effects processor and multi-track recording app that features a selection of 12 professional real-time vocal effects. EZ Voice™ for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and EZ Voice™ for Android are streamlined and easy-to-use sing-along apps that make it easy for vocalists to practice with any song in their music library. iRig® Recorder for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and iRig® Recorder for Android are straightforward apps for field recording, podcasting, note taking and more.

The VocaLive App is available from the App Store at

The EZ Voice App is available from the App Store at

The iRig Recorder App is available from the App Store at

EZ Voice is available for Android via Google Play and the Samsung GALAXY Apps store. iRig Recorder is available for Android on Google Play.

iRig Mic Studio is also fully compatible with a wide variety of third party apps and software, like Cubasis, ProStudio Vocal FX, MultiTrack DAW and more. It’s also compatible with Apple’s GarageBand and Logic Pro X apps, and iOS Voice Memo.

Pricing and availability
iRig Mic Studio comes in silver or black and will be available Q1, 2015 from music and electronics retailers worldwide, and from the IK online store, for only $179.99/€144.99 (excluding taxes).

For more information, please visit:

To see the official video of iRig Mic Studio in action, go to:

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Arturia unveils eagerly-awaited AudioFuse Advanced Audio Interface at Winter NAMM

GRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software and hardware developer Arturia is proud to unveil AudioFuse — successfully setting a new standard in audio quality and workflow with this eagerly-awaited next-generation audio interface — at The NAMM Show 2015, January 22-25 in Anaheim, California…


AudioFuse admirably succeeds where many audio interfaces have failed, fusing the superior sound of high-end mixing consoles with unsurpassed connectivity and instant-access audio streams, stylishly housed in a compact, carefully-constructed chassis. Clearly, anyone who’s remote recording but still seeks the sound of a professional studio need look no further!
AudioFuse_black_presp1-smallBy being built on a fully-symmetrical audio chain where every stage has been diligently designed, AudioFuse offers unrivalled sonic purity. Its two DiscretePRO® microphone preamps take the best of yesterday’s vintage mixing consoles and today’s technology to provide a unique, totally discrete circuit that goes beyond the limitations of integrated circuits. AudioFuse’s 24-bit AD/DA (Analogue-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analogue) convertors are of the latest generation, delivering audio with startling transparency (at up to 192kHz sampling rate). In conjunction with Arturia’s advanced clocking system they guarantee extremely accurate timing. Sounds serious? It is. Quite literally.
AudioFuse_black_front2-smallLike what you’re hearing? How about this, then. AudioFuse has been directly developed with workflow of musicians in mind. Need to adjust the gain on INPUT CHANNEL 1? Turn the topside GAIN 1 knob. Need to switch between two pairs of speakers connected to the rear-mounted (SPEAKER A and SPEAKER B) balanced 1/4-inch outputs? Press the SPEAKER A SPEAKER B button. More level needed for the two front-mounted PHONES outputs (on both 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch connectors)? Turn up the appropriate PHONES knob. Nothing is buried behind convoluted menu-driven access systems, so no need to stop in your tracks and risk stopping the creative flow mid flow while scratching your head trying to work out what to do next. Quite the opposite, in fact. For everything is directly accessible and controllable. Which is how it surely should be.
AudioFuse_black_back2-smallModern-day musicians more often than not need to connect a variety of equipment to an audio interface. Here, too, AudioFuse succeeds and even exceeds in meeting their expectations. Everything — microphones, instruments, turntables, pro audio equipment, Macs, PCs, tablets… even iOS and Android smart phones — can be directly connected with minimum fuss and maximum flexibility, thanks to clearly-labelled ADAT, MIDI, phono, S/PDIF, Word Clock, USB, XLR/ balanced 1/4-inch combo connections, to name but a few… the lengthy list goes on. One thing’s for sure: never has so much been so professionally packaged into something so small.
Speaking of which, AudioFuse also acts as a three-port USB/MIDI hub as well as offering a TALKBACK feature (to give directions to talent in another room using the built-in microphone) and INSERT connections (to add external line level devices, such as compressors or other effects processing, into the signal flow before the digital conversion stage). Enjoy zero-latency DIRECT monitoring of recorded signals then blend them into the COMPUTER mix courtesy of another clearly-labelled knob.
Knowing that each and every AudioFuse unit has had to pass rigorous testing and even comes complete with its individual measurement chart showing the output plot is another good reason for owning one. An aluminium chassis toughened to withstand the rigours of the road together with its eye-catching leather-covered top ensures that AudioFuse looks as good as it sounds. Its well-thought-through user interface ensures that it is easy to use while maintaining that all-important creative workflow. Working with AudioFuse is an unforgettable and enjoyable experience… a next-generation audio interface, indeed!

AudioFuse will be shipping in Spring 2015 and available to buy in a choice of silver, grey, and black colour finishes from Arturia online or through the company’s global network of dealers and retailers for €549.00 EUR/$599.00 USD.

For more detailed information, please visit the AudioFuse product webpage from here:

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Waldorf waves in new era of software and Eurorack hardware at Winter NAMM

REMAGEN, GERMANY: high-quality synthesizer developer Waldorf is proud to announce new software for Mac, PC, and iOS alongside its first Eurorack module at The NAMM Show 2015, January 22-25 in Anaheim, California…

control_beschnittenHaving seriously succeeded in changing perceptions of what a serious iOS instrument can be thanks to unique sounds simply unachievable with any other synthesizer, Waldorf has responded to requests to make its award-winning Nave advanced wavetable synthesizer available on other platforms by introducing Nave for VST/AU/RTAS. Now this new Nave brings that notable Nave sound engine to your favourite DAW. Designers have optimised its great graphical user interface to work with the tried-and-tested computer combo of keyboard and mouse (or track pad) rather than touch screen surface technology, though nothing has been lost in translation. The featured-packed Nave comes pre-packed with superb sounds, ranging from spatial pads to vivid wavetable scans and cutting leads to solid basses, but, above and beyond that, also an abundance of incredibly imaginative sound worlds — many of them professionally produced by some of the top sound designers around. As a synthesizer thoroughbred at heart, Nave really represents a phenomenal playground for sound creation creativity. Its oscillators offer expanded wavetable functionality with elaborate editing facilities and an extremely effective speech synthesizer. Anyone at all familiar with Waldorf software instruments will immediately feel right at home with the typical Waldorf workflow where sound shaping modules are always directly accessible and all arpeggiator, envelopes, effects (Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Reverb, Equalizer, Compressor), and Modulation Matrix management controls are only one push of a virtual button away. Edited highlights include two independent advanced wavetable oscillators per voice with saw, triangle, PWM, white and pink noise (and up to eight-oscillator Überwave); two ring modulators; multimode filter (with LP/ BP/ HP, 12 dB, and 24 dB settings); three envelopes; two LFOs; and much more besides. And besides its standard yet classy chromatic keyboard, Nave also includes innovative ‘blades’ and pads to control the sound in different ways. Why restrict yourself to iOS? The new Nave now lets you work wherever and however you want. Whether you’re Mac- or PC- based, desktop-bound or laptop-mobile, Nave gives your professional productions a truly cutting-edge sound.

V1-A copyThe nw1 Wavetable Module represents Waldorf’s grand entrance into the popular Eurorack modular synth system format. It includes an advanced wavetable engine with independent control of spectral envelope and noisiness — just like Nave. Wavetable scanning is cyclic with optional modulation of travel speed, position, spectrum, and more besides. By providing the worshipped Waldorf wavetable set from the company’s classic (discontinued) Microwave and Wave synthesizers, this powder-coated, metal surfaced module will easily enrich any Eurorack modular synth system as a potently powerful sound source. Shrewdly, the nw1 Wavetable Module’s sound engine also allows for onboard creation of user wavetables via time domain multiple foldover analysis. Any sound source can be connected to the nw1 Wavetable Module via the In 1 CV (Control Voltage) input to transfer audio into a wavetable. And if that’s left you speechless then how about using its integrated speech synthesizer to translate typed text into wavetables (via a USB port with galvanic isolation)! Speaking of communicating with the outside world, two further CV inputs are also provided alongside a Gate input (for triggering wavetable travel and recording) and a main 1V/Oct CV input with Trim (for pitch control). The 32HP-width nw1 Wavetable Module comes complete with a Eurorack power connector (+/- 12V, 150mA), so it’s ready for action. Simply slot the nw1 Wavetable Module into any available space in an appropriately-equipped Eurorack modular synth system to take it to a higher levels of synthesis than ever before. But be warned: you’ll want to shout from the rooftops!

i-pad_straight_w_iOS_attackBack in the wonderful world of iOS, Waldorf has masterfully migrated its long-running Attack virtual drum and percussion soft synth that took the VST world by storm back in early 2001 to iPad 3 (Retina), iPad mini (1 and 2), and iPad Air (1 and 2) as iOS Attack. Its impressive sound engine is cleverly complimented by an integrated 16-step sequencer that is as fun to use as it is useful. iOS Attack offers 24 instruments — each entirely programmable through a stunning, touch- optimised user interface. Its oscillators are fat, the filter flexible, and envelopes lightning fast. Each drum sound can be enriched with one of four independent insert multi-effects with Delay, Equalizer, Drive, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, and Phrase Vocoder. Input lyrics, output song! Alter gender just as you’ve always wanted? Why not! Phrase vocoding technology apart, iOS Attack’s sound engine is also capable of producing powerful polyphonic synth/bass/lead sounds — perfect for creating full-blown backing sequences. Just like Nave, iOS Attack is a seriously in-depth musical instrument for iPads. It’s easy and fun for sure, but at its core it’s truly a sonic beast of an instrument, instrumental in inflicting out-and-out drum power — out of the tablet and into the walls!

Last but not least, tellingly, the classic Waldorf Edition has had a visual makeover, but its core values remain unchanged and unchallenged: the holy trinity of inspiring software instruments! PPG Wave 2.2V is a virtual reincarnation of its namesake cult classic, coming to prominence with the trailblazing PPG Wave series starting back in 1982. First resurrected in 1989 with the Waldorf Microwave, today it enjoys a new lease of life in virtual studios on Mac and PC computers. Classic wavetable synthesis is known for conjuring up the feisty analogue and digital hybrid sounds that have graced so many hit records over so many decades. Attack is a percussion synthesizer powered by an almighty analogue synth sound generator. It transports the trademark sounds of classic Eighties analogue drum machines and the progressive electronic club beats of the Nineties onwards and upwards into truly 21st Century production environments. As Attack computes all sounds in realtime, users can change any parameter directly. Aside from its radically revamped user interface, the new Waldorf Edition 2 version also brings an exceptionally expanded effects section (with Delay, Equalizer, Drive, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, and Reverb) into play. D-Pole completes the Waldorf Edition 2 lineup as a very versatile filter plug-in with five filter types (lowpass, bandpass, high pass, notch, and resonator), SAMPLE RATE reduction, RING MOD, OVERDRIVE (ranging up to +52 dB), and stereo delay — all in wondrous Waldorf quality, of course… just like all of its new software and hardware products!

Nave for VST/AU/RTAS and Waldorf Edition 2 are expected to ship during the second quarter of 2015 when they will be available to buy online directly from Waldorf via the Waldorf Shop ( or through the company’s global network of dealers and retailers for €149.00 EUR (including tax) and €69.00 EUR (including tax), respectively. The nw1 Wavetable Module is also expected to ship during the second quarter of 2015 when it will be available to buy through the company’s global network of dealers and retailers for €329.00 EUR (including tax).


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ARP ODYSSEY; Forty Years Later, A Complete Revival

Anaheim, CA– January 21, 2015- – In conjunction with Arp Instruments Inc., Korg Inc. has revived the legendary analog synthesizer, the ARP ODYSSEY. Originally produced in 1972, the ODYSSEY quickly garnered a faithful following among musicians. Well respected for its high value, ease to play and portability, the ARP ODYSSEY had undergone several improvements during its arp_odysseyhistory and continued to be a long-seller until manufacturing stopped in 1981 due to economic hardships and the digital surge. Loved by a wide range of musicians as a historical classic, its sound can be heard on numerous classic songs.

Now in 2015, Korg has brought back the ARP ODYSSEY for today while preserving the basic design of the original. The new ODYSSEY has a compact body, highly operable sliders, and a 37 note slim keyboard that’s easy to play. In addition, a DRIVE switch (new function) is provided and connectors include MIDI and headphone output as well as Patch cables.

“Together the engineers at Korg and Arp were able to nail the sound and feel of the original. Under the advisory assistance of David Friend, the co-founder of ARP Instruments, every detail was adjusted to replicate the original unit’s distinctive synthesis,” shared James Sajeva, Brand Manager for Korg products. “Every aspect has been carefully considered to stay true to the quality of the original, down to the sophisticated semi-hard case.”

Korg has completely reproduced the original circuitry for artists looking to recreate classic sounds and explore new ones. The ARP ODYSSEY has been downsized to 86% of the original. Carefully selected parts are used in the familiar slider section, providing an operating feel that’s even smoother than the original.



37-note (Slimkey, No velocity sensitivity, No aftertouch)

Maximum Polyphony:

2 voices for duophonic; normally monophonic


Transpose Positions: 2 octaves down, normal, 2 octave up

Proportional Pitch Control:

b (Pitch down) Pad: about -2 / 3 octave – (Modulation) Pad

# (Pitch-up) Pad: about +2 / 3 octave

Noise Generator:

Noise Spectrum Types (white and pink)


Maximum Speed: about 0.01 msec./oct

Minimum Speed: about 1.5 sec./oct

VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator):

Waveforms: Sawtooth, Square, Pluse (Dynamic Pluse)

Frequency Range: VCO-1 in low freq. mode, 0.2 Hz – 20 Hz: VCO-1 and VCO-2 (audio range) about 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Warm Up Drift: 1/30 semitone from turn on max

Pulse Width: 50 % – 5 %

Pulse Width Modulation: ADSR, +45 %; LFO, +15 %

Voltage Controlled Response: 1 V/oct

Maximum Frequency Shifts: LFO sin wave, +1/2 oct.; LFO square wave, +1.5 oct.; ADSR, +9 oct.; S/H, +2 oct.

* VCO-1 is low note priority, VCO-2 is high note priority.

VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter):

Types: Low pass (I: 12 dB/oct., II III: 24 dB/oct.)

Frequency Range: 16 Hz – 16 kHz

Maximum Usable Q: 30

Resonance: 1/2 – self oscillate

Voltage Controlled Response: C3 key (left edge): 0 V, C6 key (right edge) 3 V

VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier):

Dynamic Range: 80 dB

Ring Modulator:

Type: Digital

Input Signal: VCO-1, VCO-2 (square wave)

Sample & Hold:

Command Sources: Keyboard or LFO trigger

Sampled Signals: VCO-1 sawtooth wave and square wave, VCO-2 square wave and pink noise

ADSR Envelope Generator:

Attack Time: 5 msec. – 5 sec.

Decay Time: 10 msec. – 8 sec.

Sustain Level: 0 – 100 % or Peak

Release Time: 15 msec. – 10 sec.

AR Envelope Generator:

Attack Time: 5 msec. – 5 sec.

Release Time: 10 msec. – 8 sec.

Control Input Jacks:

Pedal: φ6.3 mm monaural phone jack

Portamento Foot Switch: φ6.3 mm monaural phone jack

Audio Output Jacks:


Connector: φ6.3 mm monaural phone jack

Maximum Output Level: -20 dBu@ 10 kΩ load

Output Impedance: 10 kΩ


Connector: XLR connector

Maximum Output Level: +4 dBu@ 1 kΩ load

Output Impedance: 330 Ω

Headphones Jack:

Connector: φ6.3 mm stereo phone jack

Maximum Output Level: 50 mW + 50 mW@ 33 Ω load

Output Impedance: 10 Ω

* Controllable by volume knob.

External Audio Input (Ext Audio Input) Jack:

Connector: φ6.3 mm monaural phone jack

Maximum Input Level: -10 dBu

Input Impedance: 22 kΩ

MIDI Connector:


USB Connector:

Type B

CV IN/OUT Jacks:

Keyboard CV (IN/OUT): 1 V/oct.

Connector: φ3.5 mm monaural phone jack


GATE IN: +3 V (minimum)

GATE OUT: +10 V, key down; 0 V all keys up

Connector: φ3.5 mm monaural phone jack


TRIG IN: +3 V pulse min., 10 μsec. Duration minimum

TRIG OUT: +10 V pulse on key depression, 10 μsec. Duration

Connector: φ3.5 mm monaural phone jack

Power Supply:

AC adapter jack (DC 9 V)

Power Consumption:

6.5 W

Dimensions (W x D x H):

502 x 380 x 120 mm / 19.76″ x 14.96″ x 4.72″


5 kg / 11.02 lbs


AC adapter, phone cable, mini-phone cable, owner’s manual, dedicated semi-hard case


VP-10 Volume Pedal, PS-1/PS-3 Pedal Switch

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Soundsdivine releases ‘Complex Harmonics’ for Way Out Ware’s TimeWarp 2600 synthesizer

unnamedComplex Harmonics ‘ – contains 121 presets featuring pulsating tremolo pads , a range of different bell sounds , metallic soudning pads , organs , singing bowls , vintage analogue pads , punchy bass sounds , pinged filter pads , chaotic ring mod effects and a whole lot more .
Free to anyone who purchased the original ‘Soul Design’ soundset for TimeWarp 2600 .
Intro Price – €17.95 (until February 20th)
Normal Price – €22.50
Price excludes VAT
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