Sound Magic Releases Styles for Neo Piano, better fit your pianos into different style of music

stylistpianoStylist is an extension pack will help you better fit pianos into different music style by using Neo Piano’s stylist function, it will help you

  1. Change your piano timbre to fit for different style of music with one knob control
  2. Can be fitted into pop, rock, jazz, newage, soft and classical music
  3. Can adjust the amount of style

And many more leave for you to seek. This extension pack is free for Sound Magic Pianos users. And effective for the new Imperial Grand, Blue Grand, Ruby Grand, Fazioli Rose, Vintage Upright and Thor.


Huge Sound – Small Footprint: Imperial Grand starts with the famous dark, rich Bösendorfer style sound, and establishes an incredible level of realism by using patented Neo Piano Hybrid Modeling Engine. This product is the sucessor of Imperial Grand, which was nominated for 29th TEC Awards in Music Instrument Technology Software Category. It is also the First Modeled Piano ever nominated for TEC Awards.

Blue Grand starts with the robust Steinway sound, utilizing these powerful harmonics to create the unsurpassed authenticity and complexity that has long been a standard in concert halls around the world. Blue Grand has successfully captured the highly resonant wooden body flavour of a vintage Steinway built in 1927 and also managed to represents its unique singing tone through Sympathetic Resonance and soundboard resonant. It is a very emotional piano with amazing expression.

The sound of Fazioli Rose comes from Fazioli “Brunei”, a concert grand which worths over $400,000. Fazioli “Brunei” is the most expensive concert grand piano. Fazioli, base in Italy, is considered to produce the best sounding grand pianos nowadays. Based on its famous Fazioli F308, the 10 foot concert grand model, Fazioli “Brunei” is decorated with flowers in mother of pearls, features semi-precious stones in various types.This “Brunei” was specially tuned by factory engineers to achieve a unique sound. , it has deeper bass and mellower in sound compared to F308.

Expertly tuned by technicians, Vintage Upright maintains an amazing quality of sound. Not sound like a grand piano, but It is a great piano for a modern pop, rock or jazz recording. You will find it sits well in your mix and also it will add special flavor that those grand pianos do not have to your music. During its over 70 years’ life, some of the world’s greatest pianists have recorded legendary albums on it including Duke Ellington, Van Kliburn, Chick Corea and many others.

For more information, please visit

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iRig Pads from IK Multimedia now shipping

September 25, 2014 - IK Multimedia, the leader in mobile music creation apps and accessories, today announced it’s shipping iRig® Pads, the full-featured, ultra-portable MIDI groove controller for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as Mac and PC. It’s the perfect companion for the mobile electronic music producer on the move: Now you can make beats, grooves and mixes anywhere you go


Effortless portability
iRig Pads is designed to be effortlessly portable. It’s smaller than an iPad and less than 1″ thick – it’s the smallest groove controller in the market. It has a slim, compact form factor and it’s lightweight, which means that it can be slipped into any iPad or laptop bag or backpack and carried around with ease. For maximum portability, iRig Pads is a low energy consumption device – it draws its power directly from its host device and does not need a power source to be fully functional. It can be used with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via its included Lightning cable (30-pin connector sold separately) without the need of an adapter as well as Mac and PC via its included USB cable. *iRig Pads are currently being tested for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus compatibility.

Extreme versatility, custom controls
At the heart of iRig Pads is its 4×4 grid of 16 velocity-sensitive, backlit multicolor rubber pads. Each pad lights up in multiple colors – red, green, orange and every shade in between – depending on the velocity of your playing and the MIDI information sent by your chosen music app or software.

But iRig Pads does more than your average mobile pad-based MIDI controller. Its full spread of controls – two knobs, two buttons, one slider and one pushbutton rotary encoder – let you get creative. All controls are MIDI assignable and customizable: Up to 16 distinct MIDI maps or “scenes” can be saved, which allows for full control of apps and software on stage or in the studio. iRig Pads comes with 6 pre-programmed scenes designed to work with many of your favorite apps and software right out of the box.

Apps for Beats, Loops, Decks and more
To help you get in the groove, IK is working to make iRig Pads the ultimate controller for beats, loops and more by adding support for a growing suite of powerful apps and software. iOS users will be able to make beats out of the box with the included SampleTank® free, and they’ll soon be able to control grooves and launch loops with GrooveMaker® 2 free for iPhone and iPad and remix their preferred tracks with DJ Rig™ free.

On Mac/PC the included SampleTank 3 SE (worth $99.99/€79.99), available as a standalone and a plug-in virtual instrument for every major DAW, includes over 6.5 GB of sample contents, 400 instruments and 150 MIDI patterns, for a complete music production workstation, out of the box (coming soon as download from the IK user area). In addition, by registering their iRig Pads, users will be able to receive The Grid, an exclusive and free additional collection of 50 instruments (800 samples) and 50 MIDI patterns – designed exclusively for beat makers and groove performers who use iRig Pads – for SampleTank on iOS and Mac/PC (a value of $9.99/€7.99 for iOS and $39.99/€29.99 for Mac/PC).

The SampleTank Free App is available from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or

The SampleTank App is available from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or

The GrooveMaker 2 Free App is available from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at

The DJ Rig Free App is available from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at

And that’s only scratching the surface – iRig Pads is also fully MIDI class-compliant, which means you can use it and customize its controls for use with virtually any MIDI-compatible app such as FL Studio Mobile, iMPC Studio and GarageBand or Mac/PC software such as MPC Studio, Ableton Live, Maschine, GarageBand and more.

Pricing and Availability
iRig Pads is now available from music and electronics retailers worldwide for $149.99/€119.99 (excluding taxes) as well as on the IK online store. Thanks to its generous feature set, included content value and universal uses for iOS devices as well as Mac and PC, iRig Pads offers the best quality to price ratio of any MIDI groove controller on the market.

For more information, please visit:

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Dirty Modular Giveaway & Freebie

Samplephonics is giving away a free copy of their Dirty Modular synth each month through the end of the year.

A little info on the contest:

Everyone who enters the competition gets a free gift from us. Winners are draw every month! The competition will be running until the end of the year. Those unsuccessful the first time around will be rolled on to the next draw automatically.

Free is always good, plus they make great sounding libraries and instruments.

You can enter here:

You can learn more about Dirty Modular here:


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APC_group_socialAPC 40 mkII, APC mini, and APC Key 25 offer dedicated hardware integration and cutting-edge production content pack with Ableton Live software.

Cumberland, R.I. — September 24, 2014. Akai Professional, the acknowledged leader in control surfaces for Ableton Live, is now shipping all three models of their new APC Series controllers: the flagship APC40 mkII, the APC Key 25 with integrated keyboard, and the compact APC mini. In addition, each model comes with an expertly curated suite of music production software complementary to Ableton Live’s user-experience.

Ableton revolutionized the world of music software with their first release of “Live” back in 2001. Designed for performers, producers, and DJs alike, Ableton Live enables dynamic manipulation of audio and MIDI clips, loops, and virtual instruments, in addition to mixing and effects duties; all in a simple-to-use visual interface.

The flagship APC40 mkII offers the highest degree of control with new bus-powered operation and a redesigned layout. APC Keys 25 adds twenty-five mini keys to fuse melodic performance with a clip-launching workflow. For the digital DJ and laptop musician, the APC mini adds additional rows of trigger pads in a compact package that can comfortably fit into the tightest setup.

“We are excited to announce the availability of the APC40 mkII, APC Key 25, and APC mini. We’ve compiled exhaustive feedback from the best-selling APC40 and APC20, incorporating the most in-demand features into industry leading control surfaces,” notes Akai Professional Product Manager Dan Gill. “Even more, each model in the series comes with expertly curated virtual instruments, Toolroom Records artist launch packs, loop content, and more. The value is second only to the creative capability.”

APC Series Highlights:

  • Ableton Live integration—seamlessly integrates 1 to 1 with Ableton Live
  • USB-powered and class compliant—no power adapter required
  • Ableton Live Lite—industry-leading music creation software from Ableton™ included


APC40 mkII Highlights:

  • 5×8 RGB LED clip matrix—launches clips with visual feedback
  • 8 channel faders, 1 master fader, and 8 device controls—map to Ableton Live directly
  • Intuitive layout—revised knob layout with in-line controls for smarter workflow
  • A/B crossfader—can be assigned on the fly for dynamic mixing
  • Send button—press and hold Send and use the Track Selects to choose one of 8 sends
  • Music production content—Toolroom Records artist launch packs, Prime Loops sample packs, Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Technology & SONiVOX Twist

APC Key 25 Highlights:

  • Ableton Live controller with keyboard—25 synth-action mini keys
  • Tri-color clip matrix—launches clips and multicolor lighting displays clip status
  • 8 assignable control knobs—hands-on-control of any Ableton Live parameter
  • Octave Up, Octave Down, and Sustain—expands keyboard range and expression
  • Music production content—Toolroom Records artist launch packs, Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Tech & SONiVOX Twist

APC mini Highlights:

  • Tri-color clip matrix—8×8 grid launches clips and multicolor lighting displays clip status
  • 8 channel faders & 1 master fader—provide hands-on-control of Ableton
  • Compact construction—portable design for mobile performers and producers
  • Music production content—Toolroom Records artist launch packs & Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Tech

The APC40 mkII, APC Key 25, and APC mini are available at the following street prices: APC40 mkII ($399.99 USD), APC Key 25 ($129.99 USD), and APC mini ($99.99 USD). For more information, visit

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MPK_group_social2Full-featured solutions combine exceptional DAW integration with advanced performance features, plus premium software production suite

Cumberland, R.I. — September 24, 2014. Akai Professional is now shipping all four of the newest additions to their renowned MPK Series of keyboard/pad controllers: the 25-key MPK225, the 49-key MPK249, the 61-key MPK261, and the ultra-portable MPK mini mkII.

More than an update, the new MPK series incorporate years of extensive power-user feedback into the controls, keybed, layout, and functionality. A complete music production platform, each deliver improved performance control plus a premium software package that includes ready-to-play virtual instruments as well as popular composing and production software. Illuminated pads and an informative, four-line backlit LCD screen offer intuitive feedback to the performer/producer. Deep software integration and the ability to send QWERTY-style commands from the full-size MPK keyboards let the user stay focused on musical tasks. The illuminated, velocity-sensitive RGB trigger pads have direct lineage to the MPC Renaissance, and offer coveted MPC features like Note Repeat, MPC Swing, Full Level and 16 Levels.

Akai Professional Product Manager Dan Gill notes, “The new MPK series is huge leap forward–improving on the previous series with more capability, more features, and industry-leading software. We paid close attention to how the modern musician works to realize features that would enhance the user experience. In addition, we upped the ante by including an impressive software production package that truly pushes the boundaries of music creation.”

For the performer, each full-size MPK keyboard provides a semi-weighted keybed equipped with aftertouch, plus ultra-responsive Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels. Dedicated Octave buttons provide rapid access to an expanded note range. Each model is appointed with assignable pedal inputs for additional control. In addition to USB MIDI, traditional 5-pin MIDI inputs and outputs ensure compatibility with nearly all MIDI gear. A low-power mode is ideal for use with iOS devices via the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.

For the on-the-go artists, Akai Professional offers the ultra-portable MPK mini mkII. The compact form factor features 25 synth-action mini-keys, plus a new dual-axis thumbstick for expressive control. There are eight backlit MPC-style velocity-sensitive pads, and eight assignable knobs for hands on beat production and parameter control. A single USB cable brings power to the MPK mini mkII, and creates a two-way data link with any computer. In lockstep with its full-size relatives, MPK mini mkII includes Note Repeat, Octave extension buttons, an arpeggiator, and full-size USB and sustain pedal inputs.

Each keyboard comes with leading software titles for out-of-the-box creativity, featuring Akai Professional’s MPC Essentials beat production software; Ableton Live Lite composition/performance software; and Hybrid 3 analog-modeled synthesizer virtual instrument.  Full-size models include Twist 2.1 from SONiVOX, a spectral morphing synthesizer. The MPK261 also includes Eighty-Eight Ensemble, an expertly captured piano instrument. MPK mini mkII also ships with Wobble 2.1, an EDM-centric synth.

MPK Series Highlights:


MPK225 MPK249 MPK261 MPK mini mkII
25 semi-weighted keys with aftertouch 49 semi-weighted keys with aftertouch 61 semi-weighted keys with aftertouch 25 synth-action mini keys
8 RGB pads; 4 banks 16 RGB pads; 4 banks 16 RGB pads; 4 banks 8 illuminated pads
8 knobs; 4 assignable buttons 8 knobs; 8 assignable buttons, 8 faders 8 knobs; 8 assignable buttons, 8 faders 8 assignable knobs
1 footswitch jack; 1 expression pedal input 1 footswitch jack; 1 expression pedal input 2 footswitch jacks; 1 expression pedal input 1 assignable footswitch jack
Included software:

MPC Essentials  Ableton Live Lite

Hybrid 3

Twist 2.1

Included software:

MPC Essentials  Ableton Live Lite

Hybrid 3

Twist 2.1

Included software:

MPC Essentials  Ableton Live Lite

Hybrid 3

Twist 2.1

Eighty-Eight Ensemble

Included software:

MPC Essentials  Ableton Live Lite

Hybrid 3

Wobble 2.1

$249.99 USD $399.99 USD $499.99 USD $99.99 USD
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Plugin Boutique Release VirtualCZ Plugin

virtualczPlugin Boutique  have released VirtualCZ – a new plug-in inspired by an iconic series of digital synthesizers made in the 1980s.

VirtualCZ uses Phase Distortion – which is similar to FM Synthesis but easier to program. It can make great pads, leads, bass, percussion and RAVE ORGAN sounds that will fit into a wide variety of genres.

Many people fondly remember the CZ synths and they have become retro-classics that are highly sought after, having been used on countless techno, house, rave and synth-pop records in the late 80s and early 90s. Lots of artists still use them today for their unique sounds.

The synthesis engine of the original hardware is modeled in the plug-in which can load and transmit CZ SYSEX patches, but the plug-in goes beyond the hardware to offer new sound possibilities and usability features. It’s much more fun to edit, since all the important synthesis parameters have their own control. It includes things not found on the originals such as switchable envelope generators (ADSR or 8-Stage MSEG) and Unison modes.

Developed by Oli Larkin ( with graphics by Philippe Decuyper (, VirtualCZ ships with a library of great presets offering both retro and modern sounds by Plugin Boutique’s sound designers and artists.

VirtualCZ comes in VST2, VST3, Audio Unit and AAX plug-in formats plus Standalone app for Mac and PC.

It is available to purchase exclusively from Plugin Boutique for  $99 / £59.

Key Features:

  • Recreates the unique synthesis engine of the CZ synths
    (it models the flagship CZ-1 but does all the other ones too!)

  • Works as a SYSEX editor/librarian for all CZ hardware as well as an emulation

  • 2 CZ Phase Distortion oscillators per voice
    (each has 8 wave shapes, which can be different for alternate cycles)

  • 6 loop-able envelope generators per voice
    (switchable between easy-to-use ADSR and powerful CZ-style 8-Stage MSEG modes)

  • Tempo sync-able LFO for vibrato, with 7 shapes

  • Ring Modulation and Noise Modulation

  • 32 voice polyphonic/mono/legato modes

  • Unison and detuning effects

  • Stereo panning effects

  • Microtonal tuning support

  • Vintage stereo chorus/ensemble effect

  • Randomization of parameters

  • Easy to use interface
    (all key synthesis functions accessible on the front panel)

  • Includes over 200 high quality presets plus ability to load thousands of CZ patches online

  • Presets come in multiple formats: fxp/aupreset/vstpreset/tfx

  • Import/export presets for all plugin formats

  • Optional cross-format preset browser

  • Available for Mac and PC in VST2, VST3, AU and AAX plug-in formats plus standalone app

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Sounds Divine Releaes The 2600 for Kontakt

The2600-Main-PageFeatures :

• 3 Oscillators
• 28 Waveforms
• 2 Filters
• 6 LFOs
• 1 Programmable Arpeggiator
• 46 Custom Impulse Responses
• 5 FX inc. Transient Shaper / Flanger / Delays & Reverb
• 5GB (compressed) samples from an ARP 2600 (Tonus)
• 130+ Presets

Requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.2.1 or higher .

Intro Price – €49 (Normal – €59)

Special discount for MM+ owners – €39 .

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