123creative.com releases Phaty Massive presets Leads


123creative.com Phaty Massive presets Leads123creative.com has released Phaty Massive presets – big, heavy, fat, solid Leads.

GENRES: Electro, Big Room, Progressive, Dubstep

Phaty Massive presets – big, heavy, fat, solid Leads – contains 50 leads that needs no processing at all. This pack consist of heavy saw waves, whistles and funky leads. Each patch has all 8 of Massive macros assigned to various parameters, which allows the user to morph and transform each individual sounds into a completely new sound.

These sounds were inspired by Moog sounds and the underground artist Mantis.


  • 50 presets (leads)
  • File format: *.nmsv (Synth Presets)
  • Requirements: Use the latest NI Massive version



OP Lead – Acrom

OP Lead – Brath

OP Lead – Bulk Up!

OP Lead – Chorn

OP Lead – Cid

OP Lead – Class

OP Lead – Croc

OP Lead – Faded

OP Lead – Fat Gainer

OP Lead – FBack

OP Lead – Fortric

OP Lead – Frozen

OP Lead – Gnc

OP Lead – Hidden Wave

OP Lead – High W

OP Lead – M Lead

OP Lead – Math Prob

OP Lead – Melt

OP Lead – Motor

OP Lead – MStreamy

OP Lead – No Harm

OP Lead – Pitch Shot 1

OP Lead – Pitch Shot 2

OP Lead – Pitch Shot 3

OP Lead – Ram

OP Lead – Rapid Ront

OP Lead – Resex

OP Lead – Rom

OP Lead – Rush

OP Lead – Safely

OP Lead – Saw King 1

OP Lead – Saw King 2

OP Lead – Saw King 3

OP Lead – Saw King 4

OP Lead – Saw King 5

OP Lead – Simp

OP Lead – Smoothy

OP Lead – Sync

OP Lead – Tekh

OP Lead – That Synth!

OP Lead – The Sin

OP Lead – Thing

OP Lead – Throne

OP Lead – Wack

OP Lead – Wanted

OP Lead – Win

OP Lead – Worth The Shot

OP Lead – Zweat


Limited Introductory price: 15.45 €

Price: 19.50 €

Product URL / Demosong:


For more info please visit www.123creative.com

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