ABACA announces agreement to distribute/represent Prodipe in North America


QUEBEC CITY, CANADA: MI market audio equipment distributor ABACA Audio Distribution is proud to announce an agreement to exclusively distribute/represent European state-of-the-art audio equipment developer Prodipe in North America as of November 3…

Prodipe offers a wide range of state-of-the-art audio equipment — including headphones, microphones, speakers, and various accessories — designed in Europe and manufactured in Asia, all at unbeatable prices. “Prodipe is, first and foremost, a human adventure — albeit one made possible by professionals intent on making their mark with high-quality products with a stylish French touch that are accessible to all musicians and producers,” pronounces Prodipe President Jean-Luc Masson, before adding, somewhat philosophically: “Prodipe is the bright choice. The partnership with ABABCA Audio Distribution for the North American market is a new step in the development of the Prodipe philosophy… and the beginning of a new adventure.”

Prodipe is certainly the right choice as far as adventurous ABACA Audio Distribution President Louis Verge is concerned, and a good fit for the highly-competitive North American MI market — hence the currently Canada-residing, French born and bred MI veteran pitching triumphantly to take the brand across the pond, intent on successfully VL21-HDsatisfying more music-making masses than ever before. “We are very proud and excited to announce this exclusive distribution partnership with Prodipe,” he says. “We are convinced that the high quality and affordable price combination provided by Prodipe products represent a great positioning on the North American market, both from a dealer and end user perspective.”

The timing clearly couldn’t have been better, for Prodipe has recently expanded its Series 21 instrument microphone range to include three new models manufactured for faithfully recording specific acoustic instruments live — namely, the CL21 Lanen (for cellos), the VL21 Lanen (for violins and violas), and PL21 Salmiéri (for percussion). Of course, cellos, violins, and violas all come in various shapes and sizes, so Prodipe has developed an adaptable mounting system with clamps that are as flexible as they are easy to attach, as well as providing protection from vibration.

As to the microphones themselves, the CL21 Lanen can comfortably handle the very high sound pressure levels inherent in the instrument itself, while the VL21 Lanen uses a unidirectional capsule to get as close to the sound source as possible — just below the strings, tight against the soundboard to ensure that the resultant recording is richer in harmonics and more dynamic in nature. According to their namesake collaborative creator, sound engineer Ludovic Lanen, “Of all the components in a mic, the one that has to be infallible is the capsule. For the new Prodipe instrument mic range we have perfected an electret capsule here in France that can handle up to 140dB. With this level of performance, our mics will preserve the full harmonic envelope that adds warmth to the sound of your instrument.”

Preserving that full harmonic envelope is integral to percussion recording par excellence. To that end, the PL21 Salmiéri includes three mics, perfectly suited to capturing congas, bongos, djembes, cajons, timbales, rototoms, tPL21_HDambourines, tablas, batas, goblet drums, bendirs, bodhráns, toms, snares, tambors, surdos, talking drums, udus, steel drums, and much more percussive exotica besides. “On the one hand, they’re light and they don’t take up much room, which you’ll appreciate if you’re a drummer,” declares Claude Salmiéri, himself a well- known, world-class drummer who closely collaborated in their design — hence their name. “On the other hand, they’re rugged and can handle up to 140dB, giving you sound clarity and accuracy with exceptional dynamics, on stage or in the studio.”

As such, all such Series 21 instrument microphones are UHF compatible (using the separately-sold Prodipe DSP/UHF Bodypack system) while a mini XLR-to-XLR adaptor ensures that the microphone cable is properly positioned on the instrument in question for wired usage (requiring 48V phantom power).

The delicate balancing act of value verses quality is beyond question here, ideally illustrating Prodipe’s raison d’être. “Each of the Lanen mic systems are priced at $99, but don’t let price be the deciding factor,” finishes Ludovic Lanen. “Buy the mic for its pro quality, because that’s our objective — to make pro quality available to everyone.”

By bringing Prodipe’s Series 21 instrument microphone range to the North American MI market, ABACA Audio Distribution’s exclusive agreement is incontestably off to a promising start, though the journey to audio glory has only just begun. Bigger bang for the buck sure has a lot to answer for with more attractively-priced Prodipe products ensuring that professional quality is, indeed, available to everyone — North Americans included!

The latest additions to Prodipe’s Series 21 instrument microphone range are priced (MSRP) as follows: CL21 Lanen ($99.00 USD), VL21 Lanen ($99.00 USD), and PL21 Salmiéri ($199.00 USD). All Prodipe products — including the latest additions to its Series 21 instrument microphone range — can be purchased in North America directly from here: http://www.prodipeamerica.com

For more detailed information, please visit Prodipe’s dedicated instrument mics webpage here: http://www.prodipe.com/en/products/microphones/micros-instruments

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