Acousticsamples in UVI format, new libraries, bundles, and updates


Unified UVI format and free advanced player

We have big news today, you might have seen it on the website already, but all of our products are now in UVI format only and got some very important updates. This means that we now offer Virtual Instruments, all of the libraries come with their own player that support advanced scripts. The UVI Workstation is the equivalent of the MachFive 3 player and is provided for free with every purchase. It works as a VST, AU, RTAS in both 32 and 64 bits and on windows and Mac. Given the little problems we got with megaupload like websites, we now also protect our libraries with the iLok protection. Some people won’t like it, but we really had no choice.

New Instruments 

We also released the instruments bundled with MachFive 3. Telematic, Mark79, The Upright, JBass, StarDrums,  and Percussiv.

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