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IRRUPT is a premium sound design and production company based in Denver and Berlin. The founding team of Irrupt all have a long term passionate and professional involvement with global electronic music culture.

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IRRUPT creates and curates exclusive sound elements, enabling electronic music producers and performers to push boundaries and make extraordinary works.

Today marks the launch of the Irrupt website, including full public access to the first batch of Irrupt’s exclusive high quality sound products.

IRRUPT creative sound elements are designed to inspire professional studio compositions, performances, and DJ sets to reach beyond what is formulaic, routine, and typical. The sounds and collections represent what is a new digital audio format of a granular loop structure. This granular loop structure enables the sound elements to interact in an unprecedented harmonious way with one another and at the same time work separately as seeds to inspire all types of electronic music creation. Irrupt sound products are conceptualized by an anonymous network of highly respected producers, each with an authentic artistic voice within the sounds they represent.

Check out to learn more and discover our high quality sound products. Irrupt sound products are available exclusively via


IRRUPT has collaborated with our friends at BITWIG, a music software company in Berlin, on a new approach to offer premium sound products within the Bitwig Studio environment. Today, marking our launch of, we proudly present the “Irrupt System” sound package, a gift available to all owners of Bitwig Studio. The “Irrupt System” contains 1GB of Irrupt sound elements exclusively curated from us for BITWIG. 100% royalty-free and authentic, these sounds include bass, drums, FX, synths and one-shots.
Additionally, discover the “Irrupt Inspiration Generator”, a Bitwig Project pattern generator which harmonizes the powerful evolving synergy of Irrupt’s granular loop and groove structure within Bitwig Studio.

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