Aodyo Instruments keep pushing innovation forward to give life to your sound


After Sylphyo, the electronic wind instrument, after Anyma Phi, the compact physical modelling synthesizer, Aodyo Instruments listened to the users’ feedback and designed a powerful hybrid polyphonic synthesizer: Anyma Omega.

Blending the classic ingredients of electronic music with physical modelling technology, Anyma Omega comes in two versions: keyboard and desktop. 

They both include a large display and numerous controls, with unique sensitive wooden surfaces to feed the resonators and enhance expression. 

Featuring 16-notes polyphony, Anyma Omega can layer, split or even chain up to 4 different sound parts. 

With Anyma Omega you can use any scale or tuning, to make your sound travel all around the world and the eras.

Aodyo is launching a Kickstarter campaign to bring this new instrument to the world. 

Contribute to book the first units to be manufactured and take advantage of the Kickstarter offer!


Checkout the videos below:

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