Audreio ships for iPhone/iPad — Extends the power of iOS for music production


Audreio delivers easy-to-use uncompressed audio streaming between iOS devices, wirelessly!

Boston, MA — February 2, 2015 — Audreio for iPhone/iPad was released today. Audreio’s core streaming technology and elegant user interface allows iOS musicians to stream uncompressed audio wirelessly from one iOS device to another iOS device with ease. No cables or audio interface needed. Using your existing router, Audreio streams audio from an Inter-App Audio (IAA) application on one device—or from the built-in mic—to another iOS device. The received audio can then be routed to the speaker or an IAA host.

iOS musicians often find themselves with multiple devices at their disposal but no cost-effective and easy way to connect them. Audreio solves this problem and helps to maximize the power of using multiple iOS devices together for music creation. CEO Jorge Castellanos notes that “Audreio’s release marks a milestone for iOS musicians, and opens the door to the possibilities of high-quality audio streaming in the world of audio production.”

Audreio Features

Stream uncompressed audio wirelessly between iOS devices over a local network. Broad compatibility – works with IAA/AudioBus 2 apps (via AudioBus’s support for IAA) Easy to use. No IP addresses to enter, no complicated set-up to deal with. Conveniently browse IAA compatible apps at

Pricing and Availability

Audreio for iPad/iPhone is available now on the App Store at the introductory price of $4.99. Audreio requires iOS 7 or higher.

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