AutoTonic MIDI Note Transposer Released


Get in touch with new harmonics …

Developed over four intensive years of research, planning, designing, programming and testing, AutoTonic finally rewrites the book on what’s possible with MIDI processing engines. AutoTonic moves far beyond standard note transposing – offering you a complete new approach to play authentically in the most fascinating musical scales in world history or scales you create yourself.

Combining the power of advanced scale mapping with a patented and instant responsive keyswitch method that is placed at the closest possible point – right next to your note-playing fingers – AutoTo- nic is a highly creative songwriter production tool that is applicable to all genres of music.


You’ll discover harmonies you didn’t know were there!

AutoTonic offers a completely new approach to keyboard playing by its patented keyswitch technique which allows to map any potential/possible scale in Western tonal music (which is based on 12 pitches) to your white keys in realtime. Note transposing has never been so easy, and this is what makes AutoTonic so incredibly useful and unique.

Advanced Note Transposing: Through a unique and patented system developed in Vienna, Auto- Tonic automatically and dynamically allows you to play in any harmonic context existing in Western tonal music with ease.

Flexible Key Mapping: Offering a true linear fingerboard, AutoTonic allows the player to focus entirely on his finger movements instead of thinking about scale patterns or finger positions.

Integrated Scale Library: AutoTonic comes with a massive library of over 50 prebuilt scale templa- tes along with useful background information and performance suggestions for each template.

Customizable Scales: besides the usual drag and drop capabilities, you’ll also be able to access and edit all template scales in the library, and build new ones – creating unique new scales with    very few clicks.

Intelligent Live Functions: AutoTonic’s new key switching technology allows you to control Auto- Tonic right from your keyboard by reinterpreting the black keys as function buttons – access your harmonic content without the need to look at your screen!

AutoTonic MIDI Note Transposer is available to buy from AutoTonic’s web shop only, priced at $179.


AutoTonic comes with its own serial protection system (User Registration & Network Validation). No iLok required!

A free 14-day demo license can also be downloaded from the AutoTonic Website:

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