Chris Hein Horns Pro


CHH Pro Complete is based on the great CHH Vol. 1-4 libraries, those being almost completely reworked, so it’s like introducing a new product. The library is now based on Kontakt Player 5 and offers a completely reworked user interface as well as phase synchronized samples for perfect blending between velocities.


CHH Pro Complete is the most complete virtual-instrument library of Brass & Woodwind instruments for Jazz, Pop, Big-Band, Funk production but also to spice up your cinematic and orchestral tracks. With CHH Complete you get 54 Solo- and 32 Section-Instruments, partitioned in four volumes which contain different groups of instruments perfectly matching each other.

All versions are available as downloads or on a 64GB USB Stick, allowing instant installation. 

This is new in CHH Pro:

  • New C-Flute Instrument
  • All new Graphical User Interface
  • Phase synchronized samples for perfect blending between velocities
  • Extremely customizable Articulation Presets including copy paste feature
  • New Key-Switch preset management
  • New flexibel Hot-Key management
  • Articulations can be unloaded to save memory
  • Speed Change for all articulations
  • Five different Velocity X-Fade Modes.
  • Velocity Fade Filter
  • Transient Designer
  • New Effects: Attack Shapes, Air, Noise, Release Effects
  • 16 new Convolution Impulses for Reverb
  • Improved Key-Vibrato
  • Two independent, intelligent LFO-Vibrato types
  • Auto vibrato
  • Assignable Pitch-Bend
  • iPad & iPhone real time remote controller

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