Create your own epic SFX with new Zero-G Impact Designer


impactdesignerZero-G have once again joined forces with Dan Graham (AnimatoSpiritosoLuminsoPerpetuo) to release ‘Impact Designer’.

Create your own unique hits, bangs, epic slams, booms, whacks and more with this brand new collection for Kontakt which, thanks to a high level of customisation options, gives you over 15 million possible variations!

Under the hood there are 3 dynamic velocity layers and 3 round robins for each sound so it all stays nicely organic-sounding without a machine-gun effect of repeat sample-triggering.

Every Impact is made up of 3 elements – HIT, BOOM and DECAY. Respectively, these 3 elements are the attack, the body of the hit and the long release. The Impact Designer instrument quickly crossfades between the 3 different sounds in order to produce sonic complexity and a very wide range of possible variations. There is also a Pre-Hit function which is a reverse sound that can give your Impact an impressive thwack.

Of course, there are times when you simply need epic sounds in an instant, so why not take your pick from the collection of 90 presets – some of which were created by The Unfinished’s Matt Bowdler.

Read our interview with the producers of the library, watch the videos and listen to the audio demos before taking advantage of the special introductory price – available until Friday 11th June.

Offer Price: £54.95 / €74.59 (normally £69.95/ €94.95)

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