A world-class solo violin for the most demanding virtual orchestrations 

Hollywood, CA (February 2, 2012) – EASTWEST, the industry leader in virtual software instruments, continues their success in producing the most realistic and critically acclaimed virtual orchestral instruments with the release of QUANTUM LEAP SOLO VIOLIN.

Produced by Nick Phoenix, Quantum Leap Solo Violin is a virtuoso solo violin recorded at Remote Control Productions, a film score facility in Santa Monica, California run by veteran film composer Hans Zimmer and home to the scores of many of today’s top films.

Quantum Leap Solo Violin includes 5 passes of true legatos sampled intervals, Legato soft, legato forte, expressive legato, portamento and fast legato/ trill/ run.

Quantum Leap Solo Violin features round robin up and down bowing on most articulations and is the first violin virtual instrument that can handle very fast playing and live trill playing with ease.  All of the basic articulations were sampled as well as various expressive articulations, vibrato styles, and non vibrato.

Quantum Leap Solo Violin has a sound and character ideally suited for film and classical work.

Quantum Leap Solo Violin includes the latest version of EastWest’s PLAY software featuring 2 new solo violin reverb impulses designed to make Quantum Leap Solo Violin blend well with other EastWest/Quantum Leap collections.

EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP Solo Violin is now available exclusively as a digital download for $99.00 USD from http://www.soundsonline.com/QL-Solo-Violin for USA and the World excluding Europe, andhttp://www.soundsonline-europe.com/QL-Solo-Violin for Europe.

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