Engine 2.1 with full 64-bit cross-platform support released!


Best Service is excited to announce the immediate release of Engine This new version brings a couple of really great new features and a lot of minor bug fixes. One of the new exciting features being the AU and VST 64-bit OS X support. From now Engines memory access is not limited any more to 4GB. Use a 64-bit sequencer to take full advantage of your computers RAM and load as many Best Service Engine instruments as you like (and your computer can handle).


New features:

– Added 64 Bit Support for OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8

– Improved Memory Management

– VST Gui updated to 3.6 for better mouse handling [Mac 64bit only]

– Enhanced/Improved legato

– Enhanced directory/file structure management. It´s now possible to use UNC Path and special characters [PC]

– Enhanced/Improved Convolution Reverb

– Enhanced/Improved Midi processing

– Fixed some bugs in the E-License Manager [Mac]

– Fixed some minor bugs

– Fixed split keyboard function

– Fixed some bugs in the midi learn function

– Fixed virtual keyboard


Engine 2.1 may be downloaded for free at Best Service website


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