Epica Bass v1.2 released


Epica_Bass_MainTime+Space announce new Epica Bass v1.2 update

Time+Space and Sam Spacey have released a new free update for the multi award-winning dedicated analogue bass synth library – Epica Bass. Version 1.2 introduces full NKS compatibility so it integrates perfectly with Native Instruments´ Komplete Kontrol S-Series keyboards and MASCHINE hardware, freeing you from your mouse and hugely speeding up creativity.

Other features and improvements include:

  • New arp functions including Velocity Scale and Mode
  • Arpeggiator fix – now 100% in time!
  • New LFO temp sync
  • New presets, bringing the total to 625

Furthermore, the price of Epica Bass has now dropped to £69.95 (previously £89.95).

About Epica Bass

Obsessively sampled from an all-star lineup of classic analogue synths and modulars, Epica Bass´s powerful and vibrant vintage sounds capture all the full dynamics and nuances of the hardware. From the vintage Neve preamp and the UBK Fatso hardware to the boutique guitar distortion pedals and Kush Audio Elektra EQ’s, the gear involved in the making of this Kontakt instrument ensures that Epica Bass sits perfectly in the mix without the need to pile on plugins.

The custom 6 page interface has been designed to give you full control over your sound without slowing down the creative juices. Four dedicated synth parameter pages, an extensive Arpeggiator page and a complete FX rack full of Delay, Convolution Reverb, SSL EQ, 1176 Compressor, Flanger, Chorus, Bit Crush etc re all on hand to further polish your sound.

Using various Sample Start Point modulation destinations, Epica Bass gives you control over the original sampled synths filter rather than using emulation filters. Six Native Instruments analog modelled filters from Kontakt 5 are also included.

Since its release late last year, the Kontakt instrument has received some incredible reviews. Sound on Sound described the dedicated analogue synth library as “an absolute triumph“, and Future Music praised it for being “well thought-out, highly controllable and user friendly,”. Meanwhile, artists including DnB producers John B and Roni Size declared it their new “go-to synth” for analogue bass.

For full details, video walkthroughs and audio demos visit:


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