Fader8: Pass the Lube!


image001Icon Digital USA has recently added an indispensable cleaning kit to their product line up. With a long-lasting career in Technical Service, Thomas Siedler created an easy and reliable way for users to clean, maintain and extend the usefully life of their gear.  Fader8 came to be after years of observing how consoles have been cleaned in the past with alcohol and other aggressive cleaning solutions. Fader8 is a tried and tested maintenance kit, along with established maintenance instructions that put an end to aggressive cleaning solutions that shorten the life of faders, pots and switches in a very simple, yet effective way putting life back into the gear!


One product does it all, when evaluating Fader8, James Schmidt Service Technician at Full Compass Systems was quoted, “We really like the Fader8 cleaner. It did a great job of cleaning up dirty controls and faders. The major difference we noticed was how it seemed to both clean and lubricate faders unlike other cleaners, leaving them feeling new again.”


The cleaning kit includes everything that engineers, musicians, producers and hobbyists need to clean consoles, Professional Audio equipment, lighting, DAW controllers and DJ equipment, Home Audio, Guitars and Basses. Requiring no pre or post treatment the all in one Fader8 cleaning kit includes 1 200ml can of Compressed Air, 1 200ml can of cleaning solution, 3 swabs and 1 microfiber cloth.

Fader8 is designed for a higher quality, longer lasting, deep clean for faders, pots and switches. Take care of equipment and use Fader8! Icon Digital is opening dealers and selling Fader8 directly online at www.icondigitalusa.com . For dealer information please contact inquiries@icondigitalusa.com

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