Futuresonus Announces Parva Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer


Austin, TX, January 29, 2015 — Futuresonus is proud to announce Parva,
a revolutionary new polyphonic analog synthesizer. Parva combines the
classic warmth of an all-analog signal chain with the modern
convenience of digital control in an elegantly designed tabletop

futuresonus_parva_top“I designed Parva from the ground up with the intention of producing a
completely new synth while still maintaining the character of the
classics from the ‘70s and ‘80s,” said Futuresonus founder Brad

Each of Parva’s eight voices features three digitally-controlled
analog oscillators, producing sawtooth, triangle, and PWM waveforms
with extremely accurate pitch and rock-solid tuning stability. A pair
of two-pole state-variable filters can be configured for a 12dB or
24dB low-pass or high-pass response, or split for bandpass or notch
filtering. Four four-stage envelope generators and four multi-waveform
low-frequency oscillators feed a flexible modulation matrix, allowing
for virtually limitless sound design options.

Parva is the first analog synthesizer to feature a USB Master port,
which enables the user to connect any class-compliant USB MIDI
keyboard — or other controller — directly, without the need for a
computer. Analog potentiometers provide immediate access to the most
commonly used parameters, while the high visibility OLED displays on
the front panel show additional settings, making it simple to dial in
the perfect patch.

From the aluminum enclosure to the custom-machined aluminum knobs on
sturdy panel- mounted potentiometers, Parva was designed with working
musicians in mind, and built to last. Each unit will be hand-assembled
in Austin, TX.

Parva is expected to ship in summer 2015. Pre-orders will begin in
February, with the standard polyphonic Parva retailing for under
$1000. An expandable monophonic version will also be available for
under $500.

More info and sound demos at http://futureson.us/

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