Impact Soundworks Releases Peak Rider: Dynamics Processing Plugin


Peak Rider is a novel approach to creative dynamics processing that can be used for subtle to extreme mixing, and even creating new parts altogether. It works by analyzing the peaks (volume) of a sidechain signal and generating a new envelope in real-time for a main input. This allows the main input to ‘ride’ the sidechain with no latency and sample-accurate precision.


Using PEAK RIDER, there are many creative possibilities: taking a flat, lifeless bass part and matching it to a drum groove, restoring dynamics to an over-compressed or distorted track, matching harmony vocals to a lead, creating a rhythmic pattern in a pad sound, fattening instruments while preserving dynamic range, and much more.
The plugin includes both single and multi-band processing modes with both minimum and linear-phase filters, per-band envelope shaping controls, four analysis modes including an inverted ‘duck’ mode, multiple stereo analysis & processing modes, and an adjustable spectral / waveform display among other useful features.
PEAK RIDER is available now for the introductory price of $79 (msrp: $99) with a full trial version at the link below!

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