iZotope announces free Neutrino effects plug-in


iZotope has released a new free plug-in that offers a glimpse into the company’s newest mixing technology.



Neutrino is designed to improve the overall spectral balance of an entire mix by making subtle changes to each individual track on which it’s used, bringing unprecedented balance, clarity, and focus to your mixes.

Unlike traditional compressors and equalisers, Neutrino analyses the incoming audio and applies gentle amounts of dynamics processing across dozens of psychoacoustically spaced frequency bands. It customises the processing based on four modes:

  1. Voice Mode focuses processing on mid and high frequencies for adding clarity and detail that helps vocals sit on top of the mix without becoming harsh or strident.
  2. Instrument Mode smoothes resonant frequencies while preserving the authentic character of the instrument.
  3. Bass Mode is designed to attenuate notes that stick out while adding punch and weight to electric, acoustic, and synth basses.
  4. Drum Mode emphasises transient detail across the spectrum while minimising frequency build-ups that can sound “muddy” or “flabby.”

With simple controls and low-CPU usage, you can put it on every track in your session and achieve better-balanced mixes without sacrificing dynamics and sonic integrity. Best of all, it’s free to download, and easy to use.

For full details and to download visit:

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