iZotope Nectar 2 – The ONLY complete set of tools specifically for flawless vocal production


Nectar2_GUIWhether you need to make quick corrections or looking for unlimited creative solutions, Nectar 2 Vocal Production Suite delivers the best of digital innovation with analogue character for the only complete set of tools designed specifically for voice.

Nectar 2 can bring a vocal track to life with modeled plate reverb, harmonic saturation, and a wealth of creative effects. Stay in tune and remove distracting breaths without tedious, time consuming editing. Instantly transform a single vocal take into a dynamic, harmonized ensemble.

  • Explore 11 powerful tools in one integrated plugin: Harmony, Plate Reverb, FX, Pitch, Delay, DeEsser, Saturation, Compressors, Gate, EQ, and Limiter.
  • Finesse your sound with surgical detail using powerful advanced controls.
  • Improve vocal production at all stages, from tracking through mixing.
  • Rapidly audition different vocal sounds with 150+ presets in a variety of genres.

Nectar 2 Production Suite also includes two new additional plugins for perfecting your vocal sound. Pitch correction is simpler than ever with the new Pitch Editor plugin, and get breathtaking results with the new Breath Control plugin

Producers, Engineers, Musicans and Voiceover Artists will find Nectar’s extensive suite of creative vocal tools essential for transforming vocals or subtly enhancing them, both when mixing recorded vocals or when tracking your favourite vocal artist….

  • Add harmonies to your vocal tracks for lush choruses or melodic backing vocals.
  • Create rich, harmonic space and presence using the redesigned Reverb module, a dedicated model of the legendary EMT 140 stereo plate reverb unit.
  • Expand your palette of vocal sounds with seven new creative effects in the new FX module.
  • Add warmth and grit to your vocal with five Saturation models, including Analog, Retro, Tape, Tube and Warm.
  • Instantly capture the Motown vocal flavour with two analog modeled Compressors that can be run in parallel.

As Music Tech say in their 9/10 review published today, “Nectar 2 keeps the best bits from the original, but updates it’s algorithms and GUI to offer a more pro sounding plug-in. There are also a wealth of useful and unique new features to help you get the best sounding vocal track, and also to spark your creativity.”

Nectar 2 Production Suite is available now for the limited time introductory SRP of £139 / €162 (normally £189 / €239). Upgrades from Nectar 1 and Nectar Elements are also available, visit www.timespace.com/nectar2 for details

Download the free 10 day demo now and try it for yourself!


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