iZotope release RX 5 Audio Editor

Industry-first features cement RX’s legacy as the go-to solution for repairing and enhancing audio
Audio production software specialist iZotope has released RX 5 Audio Editor – the critically acclaimed software that offers innovative solutions for repairing, enhancing and restoring problematic production audio.
RX comes in two distinct versions. RX 5 Audio Editor and RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor…
– The Advanced version is designed for professional post production audio engineers who demand the best audio processing tools and deep controls. 
– RX 5 Audio Editor delivers the essential tools any audio editor needs to repair and enhance audio for their productions.
Version 5 delivers new features, including industry firsts, that are a direct result of continued dialogue between iZotope and its users and promises to make repetitive editing tasks remarkably more efficient. 
Highlights include…

De-plosive (Adv only): Instantly eliminate every single plosive from any dialogue track, with total transparency. An industry first!

Leveler (Adv only): Smooth any volume inconsistencies for the best sounding take, with the automatic clip gain envelope created by the Leveler. An industry first!
Ambience Match AudioSuite Plug-in (Adv only): Quickly fill in consistent ambience beds under constructed sentences and ADR lines right from within Pro Tools AudioSuite.
Instant Process tool: From unwanted cough to scene-interrupting siren, instantly paint away any audio problem in RX 5’s Audio Editors spectrogram.
Module Chain: Multiple editing tasks, they can now be accomplished in a single mouse click to fire off all of your editing tasks at once.
Seamless Integration: Sync and integrate the power of the RX Audio Editor with any DAW or NLE timeline using RX Connect. 
De-reverb: Salvage recordings of dialogue containing too much reverb/acoustic space without needing to spend time/money on a reshoot or ADR.
And much more! Why not try it for free today with the 10 day demo?
The RX 5 product line, including upgrade paths, are all available at special introductory prices until 21st October.
For full details visit: http://www.timespace.com/rx
The iZotope RX Post Production Suite includes end-to-end solutions across the entire value chain: audio repair, mixing enhancement, and final delivery. This flagship product is an all-in-one audio processing solution for audio post production workflows and includes…
  • RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor
  • RX Final Mix
  • RX Loudness Control
  • Insight
  • Free 1 year access pass for Groove3 tutorials
  • 50 free sound effects from Pro Sound Effects
Special upgrade pricing available for existing RX users. For details visit:  http://bit.ly/1Q18qiP

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