iZotope releases Ozone 7 Elements


image001New preset-based plug-in makes it possible to effortlessly achieve a full, rich and loud mix

Boston-based audio software specialist iZotope has released Ozone 7 Elements – an entry level version of its award winning mastering software that makes it easier for producers, beatmakers and songwriters to produce radio and streaming-ready mixes.

Ozone 7 Elements utilises Ozone 7´s renowned processing under the hood and enables you to achieve a full, rich, and loud final mix with professionally-crafted presets and simple macro controls to shape your sound.


Start by selecting a preset. Under the hood, each mastering preset drives a series of Ozone processors designed to bring your tracks up to radio-ready quality. Choose from Genre-Specific, All-Purpose, or Artist Signature presets to zero in on your desired aesthetic.

Amount Sliders

Tune your track to your taste with the EQ and Dynamics Amount sliders to shape the polished sound you´re after.

Maximizer Threshold

Bring your tracks up to a competitive level with Ozone´s legendary Maximizer. Make your tracks louder without clipping or sacrificing clarity or punch, and ensure you have sufficient headroom for streaming and MP3/AAC encoding.

Your music, your decisions. Ozone 7 Elements puts YOU in creative control.

Ozone 7 Elements is available to buy now for the introductory price of £77.95 / €95.00 normally £99.95).

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