MAC Support for Sound Magic Pianos, iCe Samples now available in the US, Cinematique Instruments Upright Piano


Sound Magic Releases the BlueStone Piano – Convertible Version and the Imperial Grand Piano – Convertible Version, which add support to both Windows and MAC 64Bit, also the Convertible Version provides now Audio Unit plug-in format besides the original Windows VST Native version. Convertible Version is the latest expansion of Sound Magic’s world-renowned piano sounds. It brings their pianos to more formats and platforms allowing more musicians access to these fantastic sounds. Now available for $129.00 each through Better Music Distribution (

Cinematique Instruments releases the Upright Piano is a further development of the lovely and beloved Zeitter & Winkelmann piano we released in 2009. In contrast to this earlier version this new Upright Piano is a bright and high quality upright piano for contemporary uses. Now available for $129.00 through Better Music Distribution (

Available now for the very first time in the USA; iCe Samples, a new innovative sound developer company that creates some amazing and very affordable classical instruments. If you are looking for great woodwind instruments, you can get each one for only $65.00 each. Available are 5 single instruments: Flute, Oboe, Soprano Sax, Bass Clarinet and Bassoon. Now available through Better Music Distribution (

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