Moog Releases Animoog aZ for iOS and Mac


A decade after its release as Moog Music’s first professional synthesizer for iOS, the award-winning Animoog synthesizer app sees a complete transformation, reborn as Animoog Z. The evolved iteration of the app, now available for both iOS and macOS devices, is free to download in the App Store.

An Immersive Moog Synthesizer Experience

Animoog, the anisotropic wavetable synthesis app introduced by Moog Music in 2011, changed the face of iOS music production with its innovative approach to dimensional sound design and uniquely interactive touch surface interface.

A full decade and more than 700,000 downloads later, Moog has completely redesigned the app—now Animoog Z—with more futuristic functionality and creative workflows for the next generation of producers and sound designers.

Animoog Z is an inspiring 16-voice polyphonic synthesizer that invites users to explore new concepts of multidimensional sound and performance. The app is powered by Moog’s innovative Anisotropic Synth Engine (ASE), which utilizes an orbit system to expand the concepts of wavetable and vector synthesis. This unique synthesis concept allows for dynamic navigation through the app’s X, Y, and Z axes for evolving and layered sound.

Visually captivating and sonically immersive, Animoog Z expands on what made the original Animoog the go-to iOS synthesizer for professional musicians and entry-level synthesists alike, now with a more streamlined user experience, powerful new features, and availability on more platforms.

This universal app is available for iPad, iPhone, Mac, as an AUv3, and through a VST wrapper for integration in all DAWs that support AUv2, AUv3 and VST3. Download and explore the app for free with the option to upgrade in order to unlock Animoog Z’s full functionality for an introductory price of $9.99.

Animoog Z’s Expressive Features & Functionality

Getting started with Animoog Z is immediate and intuitive: simply select and drag the orbit path to create endless sonic configurations as the patch travels through an array of timbres.

Use Animoog Z’s built-in configurable keyboard to control pitch and pressure per voice (or send MIDI out), or connect your favorite MPE controller to explore Animoog Z’s MPE-compliant sound engine.

Animoog Z’s diverse library of timbres includes digital tones and spectral sources alongside analog waveforms captured from classic Moog oscillators (both vintage and modern), all run through a boutique’s worth of high-end outboard and analog signal processors. These include modular synth circuits, Moog analog effects, and more. New to Animoog Z, the built-in Timbre Editor allows users to record and design custom timbres, turning any sound around you into a source for musical inspiration.

Three-dimensional Anisotropic Synth Engine (ASE)

An award-winning Moog technology, ASE allows the user to move dynamically through the X, Y, and Z axes of unique timbres to create an expressive and constantly evolving soundscape. Sonic modulations are visualized in real time, providing a multisensory feedback mechanism for sound creation.

Available as an AUv3 plugin (iOS, macOS)

Animoog Z, available for Apple mobile devices and desktop use, integrates seamlessly with your DAW of choice.

Built-in timbre editor and recorder

Go beyond sample playback and build unique sounds that evolve in multi-dimensional space. Assemble your sound from a wide variety of timbres recorded from vintage and modern Moog synthesizers. Customize your sound and record your own timbres (or import your own WAV files) with the built-in timbre recorder.

Full MPE support

Use Animoog Z’s built-in keyboard to control pitch and pressure per voice (or send MIDI out), or connect your favorite MPE controller and explore the app’s MPE-compliant sound engine.

Professionally designed presets

Instantly explore a range of artist-designed presets with the free version of Animoog Z. To discover more inspiring sounds and timbres, unlock the app’s full sound design and production functionality for just $9.99. Additional expansion preset packs professionally designed for production and performance use are also available to purchase.

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