Releases ‘Beat Box Kit: MPC & Maschine Edition’


beatbox-kit-mpcIn another exclusive, we’re proud to present The BeatBox Kit – MPC & Maschine Enhanced Edition. This is truly a one-of-akind MPC & Maschine powerhouse, with 40 original beat box loops
from MSXII Audio coupled with a fully multisampled human beat box drum kit featuring 184 beatbox sounds & timbres for creating your own realistic beat boxing loops, riffs and sequences.

This kit uses the exact same programming techniques found in our multisampled acoustic drum kits with an array of multisampled human beat box sounds mapped out across your pads in a finger drumming friendly layout with velocity-sensitive sample switching for incredibly accurate and life-like beat boxing performances using nothing but your MPC/Maschine pads!

The kit is fully tweaked and optimsed for all MPCs, with a WAV version for the
MPC Renaissance, MPC Studio, MPC Element,MPC1000/2500/500/JJOS/4000 and a legacy MPC SND version made for theMPC2000/XL/3000/60. In addition to the velocity switching on each pad we’vealso incorporated random layer playback to give an even more realistichuman feel on the MPCs that support this feature (JJOS2/XL, MPC Software,

Also included is a Maschine MGRP kit that features up to 8 velocity switched
layers per pad, fully compatible with NI Maschine 1.8 and 2.x.!!
As well as the core beatbox sounds used directly in the kit (kicks, snare, open
and closed hats, claps, shaker, snap & toms), we’ve included over 100 bonus
sounds including ‘breathing’ sounds, fx, percussion and alternate snare, kick
and hat timbres. Finally there’s the fantastic 40 beatbox loops found in the
original ‘Beat Box Kit’ sample pack from MSXII Audio, covering tempos of 85
bpm, 92 bpm, 135 bpm and 141 bpm, all recorded through a Neuman TLM
102 Microphone for a cool and classy saturated tone.!!

‘Beat Box Kit: MPC & Maschine Edition’ is available exclusively from For more information including audio demos, go to
Technical Specifications
• Samples: 184 multisampled human beat box sounds, 40 beat box
• Format: 16 bit WAV, MPC SND, MPC programs, Maschine 1.8/2.x
• Compatibility: Compatible with all MPCs, all versions of JJOS &
Maschine 1.8/2.x
• Publisher/Sound Design: MSXII Audio, MPC-Samples & Pad Pimps
• License: Royalty Free
• Delivery: Download instantly after purchase.
• Price: $26.99

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