Releases ‘Drum Machine Evolution’


drum machine evolutionSheffield, UK. 5th June 2014 is proud to announce the release of Drum Machine
Evolution, the exciting new drum collection from Canedrive & Pad Pimps
featuring a phenomenal array of classic drum machine sounds extensively
resampled and layered with a sublime array of analog sources that most selfrespecting
studios would die for: ASR 10, Emu SP12, Akai S950, analog tape
and vinyl.

Canedrive’s ‘Analog Shootout’ folder contains what is without doubt one of
the best sounding 808 drum kits you’ll ever hear, and that’s just the ‘clean’
version! Things get really interesting when we fire up the resampled versions,
as each one gives the 808 kit completely unique tone, texture and oodles of

The second drum kit from Canedrive is a composite kit comprising of the bestof-
the-best from multiple drum machines (including the 909 and the Korg
Volca) and like the 808 kit features 16 unique drum and percussion sounds,
plus the additional resampled variants (96 samples in total).

If that wasn’t enough, Pad Pimps come along and take the electronic/analog
blend even further with their ‘Hybrid Drum Library’ folder. This contains a
scorching library of 144 drum machine kicks, snares and hats resampled
through the 12 bit Akai S900 and then expertly layered with acoustic drum
samples and a variety of analog tones & textures to produce a shuddering
blend of electronic and analog drum timbres.

The entire collection features both WAV and MPC SND versions of all sounds
making it compatible with all MPC models (including JJOS), all modern
software samplers and NI Maschine. Additionally, all kits come with MPC
program files that will load up the kit across all your pads in a finger-drumming
friendly layout.

Drum Machine Evolution is a complete must-have collection for any drum
machine fanatic! For more information including example sounds and audio
demos, go to
Technical Specifications
• Samples: 336 sounds in total, including a 144 sound drum library &
two 16 sound drum machine kits provided in 6 resampled formats each
(192 sounds).
• Format: WAV & Legacy MPC SND
• Compatibility: Compatible with all MPCs, Maschine & any sampler
that reads WAV files.
• Publisher/Sound Design: Canedrive & Pad Pimps
• License: Royalty Free
• Delivery: Download instantly after purchase.
• Price: £14.99

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