releases E|Drums 2.0 for FREE


Product Overview

Drums, drums and more drums dedicated to all types of electronic music is the order of the day with E|Drums 2.0

Built entirely from the ground up, E|Drums 2.0 contains everything you will need in two different sound sets.


As it says on the smacked tin! We took every household object we could find and smacked it with a drum stick and then produced a set of sounds that could be used as drum hits or incidental FX. All have been processed using the following effects:

■Audio Damage Roughrider Free
■Ohmforce Fromage filter
■Camel Audio Camel Crusher
■Logic Pro Overdrive and Delay Designer
Synthesised Drum Sounds

Covering the bases of Kick, Snare, Hats and Toms, all of the samples included within the pack we created from scratch using the following Drum Synthesis plugins:

■Computer Music CM595
■Imageline Drumaxx
■Logic Pro Ultrabeat
E|Drums 2.0 is free to download and represents MTBM.NET’s continuing commitment to bring you the best products for free.

Get the sounds here:

Tech Specs:

Foley: 110 Samples

Synth: 208 Samples

Thats 318 samples in total!

It can be downloaded in Kontakt 4, EXS24 and Battery 3.1 formats and there are wav packs available as well.


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