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Below is info on the current deals at Audio School Online from Ken Lewis:

Christmas Sale 50% off my MIXING TRAP BEATS Tutorial – Limit Time $7.49

– New Tutorial – “Vocal Distortion” featuring two lessons for $2.99! – “Kanye Style Distorted Vocal Stabs” & “Lead Vocal Distortion”.  I’ve personally created many distorted vocal stabs for Kanye, Bruno Mars, Lana Del Rey and others, let me teach you how i did it.   And I’ve had the pleasure of personally distorting the lead voices of The Beastie Boys,  Wu Tang Clan, Ariana Grande, and many others, i can show you a couple really nice tricks.

– New Tutorial – “Using Amp Sims Creatively On Guitar” $3.99!  I’ve played guitar on records for Eminem, Kanye, Diana Ross, David Byrne, and John Legend always using Amp Sims.   It took me years to solve the mysteries of great tones with Amp Sims,  so I’m going to show you some of the most creative ways i find tone and use layers of sims.

– NEW BUNDLE – AMP SIMS ON EVERYTHING – 25% OFF The entire 6 tutorial series on amp sims and distortion, for only $19.99

Thank you for continuing to support my school.  I truly appreciate it and I will continue to teach you the skills and techniques I use and hone every day in the studio.


Ken Lewis

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