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Hey folks!

Ken Lewis here.  In my ongoing series on Amp sims, i’m releasing two more killer tutorials,  “Stomp Boxes & Pickups” -$4.99,   and “Amp Sims on Drums” $3.99.


STOMP BOXES – The unsung heroes of the effects world,  these pedals are more versatile than almost any regular effects plugin.  I’ll take you through a few dozen of them and show you some great tips and tricks,  plus tune your ears in to the difference between flangers, phasers, chorus, and doublers, as well as distortions and overdrives, delay and reverb pedals, graphic EQ’s, various stomp compressors, and a plethora of special effects like resonance filters, slicers, filter patterns, wah, panners, manglers and other assorted destructo boxes.

AMP SIMS ON DRUMS – Transform your weak drum loops and hits into the coolest sounds in your songs and productions.  Learn what i listen for, how to bring boring snares to life, beef up those kicks, and add unique character to your sounds.  I also cover various distortion boxes on drums, such as the UAD Culture Vulture and Sansamp, and various stomp effects to give drums different colors and textures.

CYBER MONDAY!!!!!!    HALF OFF two of my best tutorials thru the end of the day.  “Mixing Background Vocals” and “Indie Rock Mix Session 1” both 50% off.  And i assembled a BEST SELLERS BUNDLE containing 4 of my best selling tutorials together at a 33% discount.  Get it while you can, these deals are gone Tuesday.

Thank you for continuing to support my school.  I truly appreciate it and I will continue to teach you the skills and techniques I use and hone every day in the studio.


Ken Lewis

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