(Re)Launch Day at Soulsby Synthesizers!


London, UK – 24/8/15.  Soulsby Synths are relaunching their 8-bit synth The Atmegatron today at the new price of £199 / €299 / $299.  They are available from their website and from retailers around the world (see website for full list).  They are also launching a new product, the miniAtmegatron, which is an electronics kit shield for the Arduino Uno.  It retails at £29 / €39 / $39.

The Atmegatron was first launched in March 2014 and received a fantastic response from magazines and websites. The synth features 32 waveforms, 16 digital filter types, 2 envelopes, 16 LFO shapes, Arpeggiator, crunchy Wavecrusher and much more. As well as having a unique sound, The Atmegatron can shape-shift into other synths by uploading free software from the website. These include a drum machine, duophonic synth and delay synth.

The relaunched Atmegatron features software completely rewritten from the ground up, adding improvements and new features, while retaining it’s classic sound. These include options for exponential envelope shapes, note priority and a more phasey phaser!

The miniAtmegatron is designed for electronics enthusiasts that want to experience the basics of the Atmegatron sound. The kit includes a PCB, all components and instructions. The Arduino Uno is not included. The build time is between 0.5-1 hours depending on soldering experience.

The miniAtmegatron contains a lot of the Atmegatron’s features although some are cutback because of the simpler user interface. The Arduino Uno can be MIDI-hacked, allowing the miniAtmegatron to be controlled via MIDI over USB.

Paul Soulsby, CEO of Soulsby Synthesizers:  “It took a lot of hard work, but I am so pleased that we have managed to significantly lower the price of the Atmegatron and still retain classic features like the wooden side panels. I also hope that the miniAtmegatron will introduce Arduino fans to the joyous bleeps of 8-bit music!”

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