Sample Logic announces XOSPHERE


The Most Powerful Atmosphere Creation Tool Ever
After years of honing the art of atmosphere creation, Sample Logic now brings you the
most powerful atmosphere creation tool ever invented – XOSPHERE. Inspired by the
principles of synthesis and sampling, XOSPHERE redefines how atmospheres are
designed, implemented, and morphed to fit all genres of music and sound design. This
product provides advanced tools to simultaneously morph up to 8 unique atmospheres
running through 4 morph module oscillators. At the heart of this is Sample Logic’s
newest inventions, the Morph Knob and Morph Animator, which allow for seamless
morphing between 2 atmospheres. Building upon the great success of the Step
Animator and FX Animator from ARPOLOGY and CINEMATIC KEYS, this new user
interface is Sample Logic’s most progressive design yet. Combining animation with
psychoacoustic sampling and hybrid synthesis, XOSPHERE is the last atmosphere tool
you will ever need.

Advanced Tools With Massive Power
Employing Sample Logic’s advanced randomizer function, more than 100,000
combinations of atmospheres can be created per Morph Module Oscillator, with up to 4
oscillators per instrument, and that’s before adding the numerous custom FX modules
that come with the interface. In addition to the extremely powerful XOSPHERE engine,
Sample Logic has introduced several dynamic, real-time preset browsers for choosing
atmospheres, oscillators, and instrument presets. What happens when you put all of this
together? Totally custom-crafted, unique, and original soundscapes that are full of
organic life and motion, which are perfect for setting the tone of any composition or
production. Before you know it, you’ll be transported to a whole new world of sonic
possibilities while you morph between atmospheres effortlessly and endlessly.

The Interface: Unique, Interactive, & Intuitive
Each morph module oscillator is powered by 2 sample-based atmospheres, each of
which are user assignable and can be morphed manually with the Morph Knob or
animated via the Morph Animator. Don’t know where to start or what to create? No
problem! The dynamic built-in browser for each morph module oscillator makes
searching for presets and atmospheres simple. Whether using 1 or all 4 oscillators,
there’s no limit to what can be accomplished. In addition, each morph module oscillator
has independent sound sculpting parameters and effect tools. This includes a fantastic
set of FX Animators for automating various parameters. Perhaps the most exciting
feature is the inclusion of a Dual Filter Oscillator that modulates the hi-cut filter of each
morph module oscillator, generating creative and complex rhythms by animating two hicut filters at different speeds.

Real Time Effects
Each Morph Module Oscillator is equipped with the following tweak-able effects:
▪ Volume
▪ Pan
▪ Adjustable Root Note Placement per atmosphere
▪ Morph Knob / Animator
▪ Sample Start
▪ Pitch
▪ Filter
▪ Convolver

Each Instrument is equipped with Master Effects that affect all
Morph Module Oscillators:
▪ Compressor
▪ EQ
▪ Distortion
▪ Phaser
▪ Delay
▪ Reverb

Warping Beyond the Sound with Convolver
Each morph module oscillator contains a collection of warp-able convolution presets to
feed the atmospheres through. Convolver will take your sounds even further into a new

Atmospheres That Are Simply Amazing
XOSPHERE is not only a creative sound sculpting tool, it is packed with inspiring
sample content. The sample-based atmospheres have been meticulously crafted using
various psychoacoustic sampling techniques. Sample Logic has raised the standard of
organic synthesis by morphing real world and synthetic sounds into the finest
Atmospheres on the market. Not only do they sound fantastic, but they cover cinematic,
electronic, and organic music genres, perfect for any music production. Breathe life into
your music with the evocative atmospheric categories included in XOSPHERE.

Categories include:
▪ Bizarre
▪ Dark N Scary
▪ Electronic – Effectual
▪ Euphoric – Spiritual
▪ Mixed Emotions
▪ Mysterious
▪ World Organic

So How Many Sounds, Morph Modules Oscillators, and Instruments Are There?
▪ 350+ Atmospheres
▪ 2 Atmospheres per Morph Module Oscillator with 100,000+ possible
combinations of atmospheres per oscillator
▪ 275 Morph Module Oscillator factory presets
▪ 4 Morph Module Oscillators per instrument
▪ 275+ Factory instrument presets containing a mixture of 2-4 oscillators per
instrument preset

Intelligent Randomization
Want to easily make your own atmosphere in less than a second? You can take
advantage of the user assignable random feature that will keep your creative juices
flowing all day.

The following features can be randomized:
▪ Each atmosphere (2 atmospheres per morph module)
▪ Morph Animator sequences (1 per morph module)
▪ Morph Module Oscillator parameters (1 for each of the 4 oscillators)
Tech Specs and System Requirements:
▪ Over 350 Atmospheres delivered at 44.1k/24-bit.
▪ 5.25 GB sample library using Kontakt’s lossless sample storage compression
▪ Requires Kontakt 5 Player (Free) or Retail version (sold separately) Version 5.3.1
or higher
▪ Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, or 10.9 (latest update), Intel Core Duo, 2 GB RAM (4GB
▪ Windows 7/8 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64
X2, 2 GB RAM (4GB recommended)
▪ 5.25 GB free disk space for XOSPHERE sample content
▪ 1 GB free disk space for Kontakt 5 Player
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