SAM - SM39 DRUM HITS 2 - FINAL - CMYKThe much-requested second volume of our critically acclaimed drum hits series, featuring 1,500 of our fattest, punchiest and most detailed drum hits to date, packed with expertly synthesised and layered kicks, snares, claps, hats, crashes, percussion one-shots, FX glitches and vintage hits to serve every electronic music genre.

Created over a 12-month period, we accumulated thousands of transients from various sources – classic drum machines, vinyl records, digital synths, field recordings, live studio sessions – then layered and processed them through our high-end outboard signal path for unparalleled analogue warmth

What’s Inside

Digital download contains 1530 x 24-bit Wav one-shots, 27x Ableton Drum Rack, Kontakt, NN-XT and EXS24 Hit Type Sampler Patches,

21 x Kits for Ableton Drum Rack, Battery, Maschine, Kong and EXS24

Kicks > 350+ chunky kicks, slammin’ subs and punchy thumps to anchor the groove, sub-divided into folders of subby, layered, live and mid-range.

Snares > 330+ snappy, crunchy and dirty snares spanning the entire electronic spectrum, from dusty and live to pristine and punchy.

Percussion > 460+ percussion one-shots packed into sub-folders of assorted clicks, sticks and rim-shots, fx-dipped hits, weird glitches, twisted nu-perc hits, authentic tribal drums and shakers, retro analogue drums, live hits and more.

Claps > 180+ clap/snare combos, sharp hi-end thwacks, uber-wide layered claps, live-recorded claps and synthetic-sourced claps.

Hats > 50+ killer closed hi-hats (divided into tight and loose folders) and 80+ open hi-hats (in long and short length folders) sculpted from a range of digital, analogue and live transient sources.

Cymbals > 60+ epic crashes, shimmering rides and FX-processed cymbals to complete the beat.

Drum kits > 21 genre-focussed kits covering deep house, techno, house, progressive, disco, dub step, EDM and tech-house. Each kit contains at least 10 hand-picked hits to get you making big beats in an instant.

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