Soniccouture Releases The Canterbury Suitcase for Kontakt Player


Back in June of 2012 we were recording Grand Marimba at Canterbury Music in Toronto.
Studio owner Jeremy Darby was showing us his collection of vintage instruments, and let
us try his Rhodes Suitcase 88. It immediately struck us as one of the most beautifully
maintained and best sounding Suitcases we’d ever played.

In the summer of 2016 we went back into Canterbury to sample it, and with the invaluable
help of Adam King and Robbie Grunwald we got an amazing, authentic and dynamic
sound. We recorded three different signals, the line-out, the tightly close mic’d speaker
cabinet, and natural room ambience.

That was just the beginning. After several months of painstaking editing, we finally have
what we feel is the best sampled Rhodes available, presented as The Canterbury Suitcase.

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