Sound Magic releases Lucky Bean Piano


Better Music Distribution is very pleased to announce the latest release from our partner Sound Magic, the Lucky Bean Piano, a virtual German vintage upright, with a mellow, resonant and superb sound created with Sound Magic’s NEO Hybrid Modeling Technology.

The sound of Lucky Bean Piano comes from a German vintage upright, with a mellow, resonant and superb sound. Expertly tuned by technicians, this vintage upright maintains an amazing quality of sound. Not sound like a grand piano, but It is a great piano for a modern pop, rock or jazz recording.

You will find it sits well in your mix and also it will add special flavor that those grand pianos do not have to your music. During its over 70 years’ life, some of the world’s greatest pianists have recorded legendary albums on it including Duke Ellington, Van Kliburn, Chick Corea and many others.

Lucky Bean Piano gives you absolute control over every aspect of a piano. You can adjust hammer actions, microphone positions, sympathetic resonances, dynamics and more. You can even design your own piano!

The Lucky Bean Piano virtual instrument is now available for Windows 7/ Vista/ XP in the USA through Better Music Distribution for only $129.00.

Sound Magic Lucky Bean Piano

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