Sound Magic Releases the newest version 2.9 for Rose Whisper Piano and Ruby Piano


roseChanges since version 2.5
Better work under OSX 10.9
Improved Reverb Algorithm and Range
Adjust some parametric
Improved CPU usage
Updated Engine Version

The sound of Rose Whisper Piano comes from Fazioli “Brunei”, a concert
grand which is worth over $400,000. Fazioli “Brunei” is the most expensive
concert grand piano over the world. Fazioli, a piano manufacturer in
Italy, is considered to produce the best sounding grand pianos nowadays.
Based on its famous Fazioli F308, the 10 foot concert grand model, Fazioli
“Brunei” is decorated with flowers in mother of pearls, features
semi-precious stones in various types. What is more, this “Brunei” was
specially tuned by factory engineers to achieve a unique sound. Compared
to regular F308 model, it has deeper bass and mellower in sound. Rose
Whisper Piano features a deep, clear bass. Its high is very sweet and
Rubytransparent. Rose Whisper Piano unleashes the full power of a 10 foot
concert grand while maintaining a very expressive dynamic. It is a
versatile piano for Classical, Jazz, Newage and Pop music.

Ruby Piano starts with the Famous Yamaha C7 sound, Appearing on famous
concert stages, international competitions and prestigious music events
throughout the world. Ruby Piano has successfully captured the mellow
sustain and beautiful tones of a Yamaha C7 built in 1972, which has
original ivory keys. and also managed to represents its unique timbre
quality through NEO Hybrid Modeling Engine. It is a beautiful sounding and
musical piano ideal for pops and Jazz.

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