Soundbeam free oscilloscope for iOS devices.


“What you see is what you hear”
An easy to use oscilloscope for iOS devices, designed to match the look and feel of actual sound analysis hardware.
Soundbeam visualizes sounds in real time the way good old oscilloscopes do. You can now check out the waveforms created by sounds you hear right on your iPhone screen. You can even trace sounds you probably can’t hear! (Hint: The mic on your iOS device captures sound frequencies of up to 22kHz; 3kHz higher than the human ear)
Using simple and intuitive controls, adjust the beam intensity and falloff speed or even change the way Soundbeam processes sound waves (linear or logarithmic frequency scale, toggle between the time and frequency fields). You can also zoom in on specific parts along the waveforms by pinching or change the beam position on the monitor with a one-finger tap-and-drag.
There’s more! Plug in your hands-free earbuds or a music instrument (time to blow the dust off those electric guitars!. A cable shows up on the screen, indicating an active connection, and the app starts displaying audio signal from the new source, all free from noise or any mic distortions.
Soundbeam is available for free on the App Store, already having numerous 5-star ratings, favorable reviews and thousands of downloads in many countries. Each update of Soundbeam adds more functionality to the app. With the last updates we have added a beautiful blueprint-like help screen and gathered the advanced settings of the app on the rear of the “device”. Moreover, the user can now save and share his “soundbeams” in facebook, twitter or via email.
Soundbeam is the first app by Evil Window Dog, a small iOS studio, recently founded by two Greek developers and good friends, Petros Douvantzis (@petrakeas) and Stelios Petrakis (@stelabouras). Stratos Sifostratoudakis joined forces with us and designed the interface and graphic elements of the app.
We hope you enjoy it!
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