Toy Keyboard Bass Station – FM Bass Instrument For NI Kontakt 5


A unique free FM bass sample library for underground noise lovers and lo-fi instrument geeks.


Bedroom Producers Blog has released Toy Keyboard Bass Station, a free sample library containing 135 bass sounds which were recorded from the Yamaha PSS-390 toy keyboard.

Yamaha PSS-390 is an unusual toy keyboard, featuring a rudimentary FM synthesis engine which allows the user to modify the factory sounds. Although the PSS-390 is quite limited when compared to “real” FM synthesizers, this nifty little tool is capable of generating some incredibly cool sounds and noisy glitches.

Toy Keyboard Bass Station contains 16 multi-sampled custom bass patches from the Yamaha PSS-390, along with a fully sampled drum kit from the same instrument. The samples have been processed with a compact 12AX7 tube preamp. The included sounds are 100% royalty free.


135 audio samples
17 NKI instrument patches (Kontakt 5)
24-bit WAV
44.1 kHz Stereo
121 MB size on disk

Toy Keyboard Bass Station Product Page


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