Xchange Market Corp Launches Xchange Market Platform (XMP) Digital Delivery System


Xchange Market Corporation launches the Xchange Market Platform (XMP) Digital Delivery System

Toronto, Ontario (26th October, 2010) The Xchange Market Corporation™, led by two audio software industry pioneers, Ray Williams and Steve Garth, are pleased to announce the launch of the Xchange Market Platform™ [XMP] a serial code point-of-sale-activation system for software companies doing business with brick-and-mortar resellers. The system is being rolled out in the music retail space effective immediately.

XMP provides instant access to the full product range of a music store’s software suppliers. At purchase a customer is given a unique serial code which is used to unlock and download their purchase from the software manufacturer’s website.

“No longer will music stores be out of stock of digital media products,” states Ray Williams, President of Xchange Market Corporation, “This virtual inventory system guarantees that a customer can walk out of the store with the product they walked into the store to buy, with no delays. The management challenges associated with boxed inventory are a thing of the past. For vendors, XMP frees up vital profits to invest in future product development and for resellers it dramatically expands the selection of software titles in stores.”

“At the heart of XMP is OBEDIA’s proven digital delivery system which has been in operation now for five years,” says Steve Garth, Chairman of Xchange Market Corporation, “We are excited to announce that Antares, Acoustica, FXpansion USA and Innovative Music Systems have signed up and we will be announcing more clients shortly. It is also important to note that software manufacturers can be secure in the knowledge that we are independent and not in the business of developing competing software products.”

For further information on the Xchange Market Platform please contact Steve Garth at +1 (505) 715-4208, or visit http://www.xchangemarket.com/

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