XYZ iOS Synth 1.1 update


An accelerometer Synthesizer.

Make music never has been so easy, and fun with so pro features. XYZ Synth is a full synthesizer controlled by motion. Each parameter of the synthesizer can be controlled by x, y and z axes getting you a precise control of the sound and generating incredibles melodies. XYZ Synth is a new music instrument that allows you create music as never before.

Push Start and activate the synth parameters from controllers pages then move the iPhone, the sound will change depending of the selected parameters. Create melodies with the arpeggiator and progressions with the sequencer.

  • XYZ Synth is a Bluetooth MIDI controller too.
  • Each button of the X, Z and Y controller sends cc X, Z and Y MIDI messages.
  • Up to 72 controllable parameters.
  • New iPad version. XYZ Synth runs in iPhone and iPad too.


You can find XYZ Synth in App Store at:

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