Zenhiser Funky Live Drummer


1.2GB Of Live Drum Beats, Drum Fills & 2 Massive Live Drum Kits Crammed Into One Beautiful Sample Pack!

Imagine for-filling all your live drum sounds needs in one sample pack, imagine that pack crammed with the funkiest and grooviest drum beats, drum fills and drum sounds. Well this is what you get with ‘The Funky Live Drummer’, 1036 samples and loops spanning a huge 1.2GB all delivered in perfect 24 bit wav goodness and labelled for superb ease of use, sounds good right, well check this out. ‘The Funky Live Drummer’ supplies all the drum tools you need for Breaks, Dubstep, Electro House & Drum & Bass. The drum beats beats have been supplied both with and without audio trails, in various bpm groups of 105bpm, 140bpm & 174bpm so as you can see these incredible live drum loops have been crafted perfectly for breaks ,dubstep and of course d&b producers. The quality of the live drum beats are second to none and give that swing, roll and drive needed for these musical genres. But it get’s better, there’s a folder of drum fills as well and these are some awesome drum fills, just play around with the fill folder in your tracks to create massive fills and transitions within seconds.

Next we get to the highlight of the sample pack, two drum kits, sampled from two different drum kits using multiple positioned mic’s and mastered to a beautiful clarity with both supplied in NI Battery & NI Maschine formats. The drums were sampled from the lightest hit through to a power snaps so you have the balance and choice of just how much feel you want whilst using these drum kits.They are beasts of sampler drum kits for anyone looking to deliver a truly authentic drum sound to their tracks, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a House producer, a Breaks enthusiast or even a Techno head these drum sounds deliver something spectacular to your tracks. Plus if you’re not a Battery or Maschine user, do not fret, just grab the audio file folders and import to your favourite drum machine or sampler, job done!

Here’s what you get in the virtual box:

Live Drum Beats With Trails – 110
Live Drum Beats Without Trails – 110
Live Drum Fills – 30
Live Drum Kits – 786 samples (NI Battery & Maschine)

So if you’re looking for unbeatable value for money and the finest live drum sounds, drum loops and drum fills then ‘The Funky Live Drummer’ is a no brainer. We love delivering great sample packs that define Zenhiser as a key player in the sample realm and we’re sure this will sit up there for it’s extremely high quality sampling and pro drum beat programming. And as we say with all our packs, stop reading the blurb and start listening to the preview, it will do all the talking!


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