Arturia announces easy-activation Arturia Software Center (ASC) application


GRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software and hardware developer Arturia is proud to introduce its all-new Arturia Software Center (ASC) — an application that makes accessing its software simpler — as of December 2…

ARTURIA_software_center_homeUngainly USB dongle-based software protection and cumbersome ‘call-and-response’ activation routines are thankfully now a thing of the past for all Arturia software users as ASC allows them to register, activate, download, install, and update all of their instruments — those that they already own and those that they have just purchased — in one convenient place. Put simply, improved user experience is the name of the game (changer) here.
How so? In the first instance, ASC is automatically installed on any computer when any Arturia product protected by ASC is first installed. ASC connects users to their MyArturia account where they can view a straightforward summary online of any products that they already own and also their associated serial numbers/unlock codes. Conveniently, this webpage is synced with ASC (although ASC also works offline — useful when working in a recording studio, for example).
Product registration really couldn’t be simpler… simply open ASC and click on the Add Product button; it is then added to the main ASC page and automatically synced on up to five computers (with no restrictions at all). There users can clearly see any Arturia software products that they already own. Conversely, checking out any Arturia products that they have yet to purchase is always an absorbing user experience as well, which is exactly why these are also shown on the main ASC page — providing easy access to demo versions is a surefire way of improving that particular user experience, after all.
Software installation on up to five computers using ASC is also a breeze. Both downloading and updating is simplicity itself — just like in iTunes or any Android app. All you have to do is click Install or Update… voilà! Let creativity (re)commence quickly and painlessly then music-making will surely follow. As Arturia CEO Adrien Courdavault cleverly concluded when showcasing the accessible application to a suitably captivated audience of invited industry insiders and VIP guests at the Museum of Grenoble during a keynote presentation as part of the company’s 15th anniversary celebration on October 3, 2014, “Now you can focus on the most important thing to you: your sound.”

The latest Mac (OS X 10.7 or above) and PC (Windows 7 or above) versions of Arturia Software Center can be downloaded for free from here:

Watch Arturia CTO Adrien Courdavault introducing Arturia Service Center during a keynote presentation as part of the company’s 15th anniversary celebration here:

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