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“Keyboard for Beatmakers” is my very real world approach to showing you how to be playing chords and chord progressions in five minutes, while staying in the right musical key. Turn the keyboard into your new musical weapon as I unveil it’s mysteries in a very simple to understand and easy to replicate way. – Ken Lewis

Oct 9, is proud to release “Keyboard for Beatmakers”, a downloadable, “game-changing” video tutorial guide to jumpstart keyboard playing for beat makers of all genres, teaching chords, inversions, bass lines and melodies, and much more, taught by Grammy® nominated mixing engineer, songwriter and producer, Ken Lewis.


In the “Keyboard for Beatmakers” video tutorial, Ken Lewis demystifies a lot of the complex functions and parameters found in soft synths and DAW’s, showing beat makers and aspiring music producers how to incorporate keyboard into beat production. He teaches the basics of how to use the gear, how it works and how to build a musical beat from scratch using the keyboard with any DAW.

Starting with a pre-programmed beat and using the functions found in all DAW’s, Ken crafts basic keyboard chord progressions and shows how to implement them into music by stacking tracks and creating songs. The lesson is designed so that even non-musicians can follow along and build a song as they watch. In minutes, beatmakers will be able to add music to their productions.

Keyboard for Beatmakers covers:

-Playing chords and chord progressions easily

-Finding bass lines

-Learning the key of the song

-Adding melodies and how to find the right notes

-Layering sounds


-Transposing octaves

-Transposing keys

-The difference between mono and stereo synth patches

-Glide time / portamento

-Quantization and more.

Pricing and Availability: Keyboard for Beatmakers is available for $14.99 as a download from

For more information about purchase and download for “Keyboard for Beatmakers” please visit:

Running Time: 57 Minutes, Download Size: 1.09 GB. Skill Level: Intern / Freshman, Genre: ALL / Live Instruments, Resolution: HD

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