Nomad Factory MAGMA – now available from Time+Space


Now available from Time+Space – MAGMA – the audio effects experience you’ve been waiting for!

Nomad Factory MAGMA is an effects plugin that comprises 65 completely new rack effects for you to tweak and test in endless combinations.

Envious of all that wall-to-wall shiny audio gear that the world´s best recording studios have?

This all-in-one plug-in emulates the quality and sonic possibilities of outboard gear whilst Nomad Factory´s new Virtual Studio Rack (VSR) Technology grants you the opportunity to achieve new levels of creativity and flexibility.

Mix and match effects, create and recall unique chains and process your audio in combinations and ways that you’ve never imagined before. Freely interchange racks and use MAGMA´s flexible routing matrix to build the effects chains you really need for your tracks.

Summary of Features

  • Includes 65 high-quality, custom plug-ins that each have their own unique flavour.
  • Drag & Drop the effects to any rack position in MAGMA by clicking and holding.
  • 4 easy-to-use Virtual Racks, load 4 plugins in each rack for a combination of 16 effects that can used simultaneously.
  • Flexible Routing Matrix.
  • Presets Browser Window.
  • 600+ Factory Presets Included.
  • Serial Number Authorisation (Up to five computers, no challenge/response, no dongle).

Coming soon! MAGMA will also support 3rd party VST plug-ins in future versions, so you can mix and match your favourite VSTs.

Introductory price ends Friday 30th June: £139.00 / €165.00 (normally £149/€183)

Try it out first with the FREE demo!

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