Positive Grid Launches Pro Series EQ – The World’s First Tone Matching and Component Based EQ Plug-Ins


EQ-Series-1San Diego, May 10, 2016 Positive Grid (www.positivegrid.com), creator of the best selling BIAS Amp and BIAS FX guitar amp and effects processors, today announced the launch of the Pro Series EQ Plug-ins – a series of revolutionary Digital, Tube, and Passive EQ that introduces component based EQ for the first time ever in a plug-in. Pro Series EQ allows users to acoustically match the tonal quality or overall sound of different tracks or songs in audio mixing projects, or to import the color of any source recording to their own projects, with cutting-edge analog gear emulation.

Revolutionary EQ Match

Positive Grid’s unique EQ matching works by analyzing the difference between the signal from the input track and side chain track to adjust automatically the controls to match the different curves. Users will see the frequency response of the matching process in real time and will have a more natural sound with real world analog sound characteristics. Positive Grid is working with audio engineers, producers, and artists to create an endless virtual platform of the best sounding EQ match right in the Pro Series EQ.

Digital, Tube, and Passive EQ loaded up together

Digital EQ provides the most clear and transparent digital EQ sound ever in a plug-in. With 5 bands plus high  pass  and  low  filter  for  each  channel,  its  wide  range  control  will  give  users the necessary sound balance for professional work. Users can also adjust the digital EQ module to shape their tracks’ tone without altering the output signal. Tube EQ is loaded  with  12AX7,  12AU7,  and  12AT7  preamp  tubes, capturing  the  essence  of analog EQ found in the best professional studios in the world. It comes with low, mid, and high control panels allowing users to get a full frequency range control in one single EQ module. Passive EQ comes with 3 band  controls  for  each  channel, offering an authentic analog sounding EQ shaping for a more musical mix.

Easy to use 3D interface

The Pro Series EQ plug-ins are accessible not only to professional audio engineers, but to the day-to-day working musician. By redesigning the traditional EQ plugin from the ground up, and using for the first time stunning ultra-high quality 3D graphics, the Pro Series EQ recreate the true essence, workflow, and overall experience of classic analog gear.

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The Pro Series EQ Plug-Ins are now available for download on the Positive Grid store for $99.

Key Features: 

●      3 individual eq: Digital, Tube and Passive

●      Matching Technology captures any real world analog EQ nuance

●      Component level modeling, virtually swap out components

●      Extremely high quality audio processing architecture

●      Download more EQ profiles (coming soon)


Further Information: www.positivegrid.com

Twitter: @PositiveGrid


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