Raw Dirty Breaks from Prizm Audio


rawdirtybreaks“Our fascination with vinyl samples has always been within us and Raw Dirty Breaks is a testimony of our love for vintage dirty records tones. In this pack, you’ll find 194 inspiring samples, full of character and ready to be dropped into your next hit! Each samples contain the proper metadata to instantly fit into any projects and if you’re a Fruity Slicer/SliceX user, each loops has been pre-sliced for easy remixing. This way, you can focus on making great music instead of editing samples! The pack is also available as a convenient Ableton Live Pack for Live users and it includes 7 Impulse Drum Kits.”

For more info on the Ableton Live edition: http://www.sampleism.com/prizmaudio/rawbreaksableton?sk=kt
For more info on the Acid Wav Edition: http://www.sampleism.com/prizmaudio/rawbreaks?sk=kt

cost: £9.95

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