New Piano Performance Case from J.L Design


The Piano Performance Case, the revolutionary new 2-in-1 travel case and stand for digital keyboards, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life. 

The elegant Piano Performance Case is a thrilling solution for touring musicians and stationary hobbyists who desire unparalleled professionalism and functionality. Serving as an all-in-one setup, users are able to carry and perform without ever having to remove the keyboard from a case.

“All musicians want to present themselves as unique individuals. On stage, it is as much about the visual as it is the music, so really, my initial desire to create this product was rooted in the importance of aesthetics,” says founder, designer and CEO Jordan Lake on the inspiration behind the project. “Taking my love for woodworking and background in industrial design, I discovered heightened functionality improvements and simplistic solutions that pushed this idea past just an attractive presentation piece.”

The Piano Performance Case is a patented design offering the perfect, minimalist solution. Accomplishing an ease of transportation, folding legs are attached to the underside with locks in both open and closed positions, adjustable to both sitting and standing heights. Fixed wheels provide a smooth journey to any performance, with robust construction suitable for travel. Cable management, side compartments and a flexible lid further heighten the versatility of the all in-one-piece. The product is built in two general sizes (Compact: 61-76 keys, FullSize: 88 keys), with retrofitting capabilities inside to accommodate and secure your keyboard model. A variety of veneers and high-quality finishes allow the perfect amount of customization to fit any musician’s taste and style.

Whether playing at large festivals or open-mic nights, bunkering down in cluttered recording studios, or simply looking to save the living room from the eyesore of a digital keyboard- the Piano Performance Case is the perfect statement piece for any setting.

“As a performer myself, I have experienced the hassle of transporting instruments and loading in and out of shows with an abundant amount of gear. The Piano Performance Case aims to streamline this tedious process by minimizing the amount of setup, while delivering a professional aesthetic that guarantees a positive first impression,” adds Lake.

The Piano Performance Case is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

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