SKYLIFE releases SampleRobot V4.8 Pro for OS X and Windows


SampleRobot_V4-80_Pro_MainSKYLIFE releases a comprehensive update for its top-of-the-line auto-sampling software SampleRobot Pro. It includes unique functions like a supersize WaveRobot sample editing window and enhanced support for up to 128 velocity layers per Project. This version 4.8 upgrade is free of charge for all users of SampleRobot 4 Pro. Furthermore new customers will receive a free upgrade token to version 5 of SampleRobot Pro, to be released in 2015/Q01.

New feature of version 4.8

•       Support for up to 128 velocity layers in a single Project.
•       Enhanced velocity auto-mapping for all multi-sample export formats.
•       Supersize WaveRobot window for screen resolutions up to 3200×2000 pixels.
•       Advanced audio transient recognition for elimination of silence at sample start.
•       Improved Mac OSX framework, compatible with OS 10.10 Yosemite.
•       Optimized activation process.
•       Includes 5 new skins and color schemes.
•       Includes 4 additional Premium Multisample Banks in SF2 format: AMBIENTE, NEURONIC, ELEKTRON and NOIZCUTZ.
•       Various optimizations in respect to graphical user interface and functionality.
•       Comes with free upgrade token to version 5 of SampleRobot Pro for all new customers.
•       Includes 4 cross-platform installation licenses.

Benefits of SampleRobot Pro

•       Build your own sample instruments easily.
•       Create digital copies of your favorite instruments and sounds fast.
•       Turn virtual instruments and complex sound layers into multi-samples.
•       Play in other studios or on stage without carrying additional keyboards / sound expanders.
•       Perform laptop-based sounds on stage without laptop by using a hardware sample player.
•       Shape optimum loops for loop-based arrangements.
•       Build and sell/share your own sample libraries.
•       Have all your sound hardware on your hard disk and travel with your laptop.
•       Buy used gear and resell it after automatic sampling (abiding by relevant copyright laws and license agreements of course).
•       Use all your software instruments cross-platform and independently from specific operation systems.
•       Play monophonic instruments polyphonically.
•       Have total recall and editing capabilities for all instruments in every session.

Key features

•       Fast sampling process.
•       Fully automated workflow.
•       Many sample export formats.
•       Intuitive Project assistant.
•       Sophisticated auto-loop processing and editing.
•       Many loop and crossfade types.
•       24 bit recording and sample-rendering.
•       MIDI monitor, MIDI controller support.
•       Release-sample support.
•       WaveRobot included.
•       Over 1 GB premium multi-samples taken from classic synthesizers included.

System Specifications

Mac: Apple Mac Intel, OS 10.6.4 or higher. SampleRobot Mac OS X installation is based on Wine framework.
PC: Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP


Now as download from SKYLIFE STORE:


SampleRobot V4.8 Pro: $ 349 / € 249 / £ 219 (free for all users of SampleRobot 4 Pro)

Internet Product Link (SampleRobot Product Website)

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